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Services for landlords

Open House Premier Estate Agents provide services for landlords and property investors in Leicester.

Support for investors

We work with investors to help them secure good and reliable tenants.

We can offer advice on investment properties.

We have a portfolio of properties requiring a discrete sale that are not offered to the open market, but only to our cash rich investor network. Register your interest to be added to our investor network.

Property Management

Our property management services are one of our ideal services for landlords who want rental income but don’t want the hassle of dealing with rental portfolios and tenant issues.

Talk to us about taking the stress out of your property investment. We deal with all financial matters including handling of deposits, rent collection, chasing rental arrears, issuing notices, dealing with tenant evictions. We can deal with any maintenance issues quickly, respond to emergency problems such as burst pipes, broken boilers, and leaking roofs, and even deal with tenants losing their keys!

We also keep such problems at bay with regular tenant and house inspections – one of our services for landlords designed to make your life easier.


For all managed properties we arrange professional inventories by an Independent Inventory company. This shows the condition of a property when first let that both the landlord and tenant sign and agree to. It details the full condition of the inside and outside of the let property, including any marks or damages.

The same inventory expert carries out interim inspections to compare to the initial inventory and also does the check in and check out, again with signed agreements from the tenants at each stage.

As deposits are held by a Deposit Protection Service. Any disputes at the end of a tenancy can often be easily resolved based on what the inventory shows.

Accompanied viewings

An accompanied viewing can make all the difference to letting your property. If you have been relying on someone to simply open the door and let prospective tenants take a look by themselves, then you are missing a real opportunity to find a reliable tenant.

With Open House Premier Estate Agents, you will have a personal agent who knows your property well and can bring out the most important points for any prospective tenant.

We give the tenant the time they need to become confident that your house will suit them, answering any questions that they have. On most occasions we are able to close the deal there and then and, should the prospective buyers have questions outside the accompanied viewing, we will answer them too.

Energy Performance Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is legally required before a house can be marketed for rent. It rates the energy efficiency of a property on a scale from A to G.

An EPC is valid for 10 years so, if you bought your property within that time period, you will probably have one already. If not, don’t worry. We work with a team of local Energy Assessors who offer us reduced rates for our clients and are happy to make the introduction as part of our service.

Gas Safety Certificate

It is a legal requirement that your rental property has a valid Gas Safety Certificate. It must be renewed every twelve months and it is a good idea to ensure that a new certificate is issued prior to a new tenant moving in to ensure that you are confident that everything is working properly.

We can arrange this with a local Gas Safe (previously Corgi registered) plumber.

Floor Plans

A property listed with a floor plan is typically far easier to let to good tenants than one listed without.

The tenant can more easily picture themselves in the property and get a better idea of how it will suit them. Conversely, if the floor plan clearly indicates that a property is unsuitable we can all save the time involved in an unnecessary viewing.

A floor plan also appeals to those who prefer visual information over lengthy, wordy descriptions, so increasing your chances of the property being seen by the right prospective buyer.

We can create a professional floor plan for your property – one of the services for landlords that will help you let your property quickly to the right tenant.

Contact us on 0116 243 7938 to discuss how our services for landlords can help you.