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Do You Really Want to Sell? What To Consider Before Uprooting

With the headlines persistent in the proclamation that house prices are seeing double-digit rises and there’s even more to come (irrespective of our current political climate), and with estate agents encouraging far more interest through open days and sealed bids, it’s not surprising that some buyers – the would-be ones – are in a bit of a panic. 

Agents frequently report that properties attract over a hundred viewings, and that doesn’t just happen in London. 

So, you do really need to ask yourself, if you already own your home, or you have a mortgage on that home, do you truly want to sell up and go through the entire process over again? 

Let’s focus on a number of potential concerns about selling and uprooting a bit too quickly. Once these concerns have been addressed, you’ll be in a more comfortable position to take the plunge. 

What about your future plans? 

Before you take the leap and invest in a new property, as you’ll likely be aware, you really do need to consider for how long you’ll reside in that new property.

If you’re intent on starting a family or growing your current family, you don’t want to be investing in a one-bedroom flat. Even a two-bedroom flat would likely be far from ideal. 

Similarly, if there’s any instability surrounding your job or your finances, you should be asking whether it’s a good time to tie yourself into taking on a larger mortgage than you have now. 

If you find that the place you buy is not quite the fit you thought it was going to be, you’ll have the added expense of moving once more. 

So, it’s best to think about yours and your family’s circumstances before you decide to uproot. 

Making a bid – how does it work with your current finances?

Before you make a decision to overstretch your finances by placing a winning bid on the property you like the most, it’s vital to assess what the long-term impact is going to be in terms of the sacrifices you’re going to have to make. 

Are you, in fact, ready for committing to a larger mortgage? Let’s say the house prices fall. You’re going to have to handle negative equity. Are you going to be stuck in your new place because you’re not able to sell? And, if these circumstances did arise, or something similar, are you going to regret selling and uprooting in the first place?

If you’re committed to selling and uprooting, it’s possibly better to move to an area that is cheaper and less popular than investing in a property that’s a bit too financially hot to viably handle. 

Try to establish a backup plan beforehand. Could you let out your new property if the worst-case scenario occurs? If yes, you could cover all of your costs with the rental income and possibly have quite a bit extra left over to successfully handle many of your other costs. 

Homeownership hassles

As you’ll no doubt know if you’re intent on selling your current home, there’s a cost involved with homeownership that has nothing to do with your mortgage. 

While to many, the concept of homeownership is a dream come true, it doesn’t necessarily pan out that way for everyone. 

What happens when the boiler breaks down in the middle of winter and the cost of a replacement is more than you can currently afford? 

What about if the roof begins to leak and the cost of repairs is more than substantial?

What about if at your new place your neighbours love to party on a regular basis until 3 am?

Suddenly, that dream of owning your own home, or that desire to upgrade on your previous home is no longer so much of a dream come true as it is a nightmare. 

Of course, to avoid such scenarios, it’s always an extremely good policy to do your homework in advance. By all means, check the status of your targeted new home’s boiler to see that it’s in excellent working order. Have the roof looked over if you have any doubts about it. Ask the seller about noisy neighbours. In the U.K. every home seller has a duty to disclose such information to potential buyers prior to making a sale. 

The long-term tenancy – is it a more viable option?

Longer-term renting is considered a far more attractive option in mainland Europe than it does in the U.K. And it’s true that in mainland Europe, in general, tenants have more rights. 

Nevertheless, if you only want security of tenure and you only need a home that, to some extent, you can call your own (and make your own – again, to some extent), then it is a mistake to make the assumption that this is not possible to achieve in the U.K. 

There are many thousands of landlords throughout the U.K. that are very keen to have the stability and the security that comes with a long-term, reliable tenant. And, if they find one, as often as not, they are more than agreeable to you as the new tenant decorating the property to your own preferences. 

What’s more is that it can be, and often is, possible to negotiate with the landlord about the rent. If you’re a long-term, reliable tenant, many landlords would be comfortable in lowering the rent to accommodate you.

Get in Touch With Open House Estate Agents in Leicester

You’re set on selling your property and relocating. You’ve done your homework and it’s the right move for you. 

Did you know that on average in the U.K., if you advertise your house privately, it can take as long as two to three months to sell?

Of course, that doesn’t always ring true. Many U.K. properties stubbornly remain on the market for a whole lot longer than this. 

Nevertheless, at Open House, we frequently help home sellers to pump up the volume in terms of the number of property viewers. That’s because we have the experience and we have the resources. 

If you’ve decided to sell up, and you want to sell up relatively soon, we’re here to help.  Ask for a high quality, free property valuation, or download our FREE e-book that gives all the latest tips on selling your home.

Get in touch with our friendly team at Open House. We’ll provide you with reliable, honest advice – the sort of advice that you need to make a successful property sale. 


First Time Landlord – Tips and Tricks

Many people decide to become landlords – first-time landlords – because they are unable to sell their property, or simply do not want to sell their property, and therefore, the best alternative is to rent the property out instead. 

For rental property in the U.K. in general, demand has rarely, if ever, been as high as it is now. For that reason, it’s an excellent time for you as a Leicester landlord to generate some extra income. 

However, you need to know your obligations as a landlord, and you’ll want to be completely ready for your first tenants. Here are some tips and tricks to help you to prepare for renting out your property. You’ll learn how to protect yourself, how to protect your property, and how to achieve maximum rental income. 


Prior to the time that potential tenants start to view your property, all DIY tasks should be completed and the place should be perfectly clean. Are you thinking about letting your property as unfurnished or furnished? If you’re going the furnished route, do remember that you’ll require the appropriate insurance cover so that all of your furniture is fully protected against potential damages.

Opting for a letting agent

If you’re unable to deal with the management of your rental property because of lack of time or through personal choice, then a letting agent is the way to progress. 

Letting agents charge between 8% and 15% of the income made from rent. That may seem quite a lot, but a letting agent will work together with you to successfully find good tenants and to protect you, and your property, against any mishaps occurring.

While they, the letting agent, will find tenants for you, it’s sensible for you to be involved in the interviewing process. This way, you’ll be comfortable with your tenant choice. 

Further, you should make sure to get the best deal from the letting agent of your choice. 

Health and safety

Letting regulations in the U.K. are strict. You need to be in full compliance with electric, gas, furniture, and fire regulations. 

You can find out about these regulations online or by consulting with your letting agents if you decide to hire one. 

Otherwise, though, as a way of providing protection for your tenants, and your property, regular safety checks should be carried out and records maintained. The appropriate safety checks also work in ensuring that you have valid insurance. 

Finding tenants

If you’ve decided not to work with a letting agent, you’ll need to assess the references for your tenants yourself. There are websites like RentCheck’s Tenant Checking Service that charge a fixed price for assessing tenant references. 

One of the most important aspects to the assessment of potential tenants is to carry out a credit check. You’ll want to be assured that your tenants will be in a position to pay their rent when it’s due. 

Understand tenant and landlord rights

Because you wish to rent out your property, you should be conversant with tenant and landlord obligations. As an example, if you wish to enter your property while it’s being rented, the tenant must be given a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. 

Again, you can discuss this with your letting agent or find out more online. 

Write up a tenancy agreement

With a tenancy agreement, you provide protection for your rights as a landlord and for your property. 

In brief, a tenancy agreement details the length of tenancy as well as the amount of notice that a tenant will receive prior to eviction. 

Consult with your letting agent, if you have one, to find out more about your tenancy agreement. 

The rental deposit

You must, as a landlord, insist on a tenancy deposit. Since April of 2007, in the U.K., all tenant deposits must be registered by the landlord with a Tenancy Deposit Protection (TDP) scheme. All TDP schemes must be pre-approved. 

Typically, a rental deposit will be equivalent to between four and six weeks’ rent. 

Your property inventory

If you want to ensure the protection of your rental property, you’ll want to put together a detailed property inventory. The property inventory needs to be accurate as it provides evidence as to the condition of the property prior to rental. The property inventory also dictates the provisions made to the tenant inside the property when they moved in. 

If the property is damaged or there is a dispute over the tenant’s deposit, the property inventory serves as proof of evidence. 

Landlord insurance

You should get landlord insurance. Standard insurance policies for households do not offer the level of protection that is required by a landlord. 

A solid insurance policy will cover loss of rent, professional, student, and DSS tenants, alternative accommodation, periods of no occupancy, accidental damage, the tracing and accessing of plumbing-related leaks, rent money protection, and legal expenses. 


For the most part, tenancy agreements are completed once the tenancy agreement expires. 

On the other hand, if, for whatever reason, your tenants are not meeting the terms of the tenancy agreement, and you wish them to leave prior to the date of the tenancy agreement expiration, the only way to achieve this is by collating proof that the terms of the tenancy agreement have been broken. 

Again, it’s wise to hire a letting agent to handle this. Otherwise, you may need to consult with a lawyer at the outset.

Contact Open House Estate Agents for More Information

If you’re not sure how to go about letting your property or you’re concerned about the amount of red tape involved, get in touch with Open House Estate Agents. Open House estate agents in Leicester are a leading estate agents and we have many years of experience handling issues such as tenancy eviction, tenancy agreements, tenant and landlord rights, and much more besides. 

We regularly advise landlords about the correct processes involved in letting out a rental property. We’re here to help you, as a landlord, to experience a seamless landlord/ letting experience from the very beginning. 

Ultimate Guide: How to Become a Landlord in Leicester

Ultimate Guide: How to Become a Landlord in Leicester

guide to become a leocester landlord2

Chances are, the fact that you’re here with us shows that you’re interested in becoming a landlord in Leicester- and who could blame you? For centuries, owning property has proved to be a surefire way individuals to obtain a steady financial income, regardless of the ever-turbulent job market. With The Guardian reporting that over a quarter of households in the UK will rent privately by the end of 2021, it’s increasingly obvious that more Britons are wising up to this lucrative market – especially in the wake of the nation wide instability that Brexit could well end up in producing. 

However, if becoming a landlord was the easiest job in the world then none of us would have jobs. It requires a strong financial base, mental perseverance, a keen business mind and a willingness to succeed. Think you have what it takes? Well if you’re sure then don’t panic not, everyone is born with these abilities, which is why we’ve made an all-encompassing guide on how you can become a landlord in Leicester.

Locate Your Inner Business Tycoon 

Becoming a landlord situates you alongside the basis of every other business since the dawn of time (or at least consumer capitalist…): make enough money to outweigh expenses. It sounds as simple as anything, however, it’s wholly worth emphasising that – whilst it is one of the safest long-term financial investments you could make – there are no guarantees of success if you don’t conduct the business venture in the right way. 

Also, with the average price of UK property constantly rising – sitting at a strong £226,234 as of February 2019 – becoming a landlord is a large financial investment for anyone hoping to become a landlord. The Council of Mortgage Lenders reported that the major three sources of finance which landlords used to pay for their properties are personal savings (used by 41% of landlords), buy-to-let mortgages (36%) and inherited funds (17%).

Become a Landlord Bookworm

When becoming a landlord, there is a whole new world of laws, regulations and codes of conduct which you need to accustom yourself with so that you possess all the necessary tools to deal with any situation or circumstances. 

The information and provide it is absolutely imperative that you familiarise yourself with before making the necessary steps to investing in property and becoming a landlord are:

  • The process of finding new tenants
  • The procedure of beginning a new tenancy and the importance and details of tenancy agreements
  • Your access and rights to tenant benefits and arrears as a landlords
  • Overpayments of rent 
  • Renting out properties for multiple occupation households (HMOs)
  • Property inspections
  • What is expected of tenants and lawfully dealing with inappropriate and antisocial behaviour
  • The procedure of ending a tenancy
  • Repairing your property and maintenance
  • Your council’s enforcement policy

As a Midlands based landlord, it is imperative that you get to grips with the particular information associated with your area – which the Leicester City Council provides in great detail. 

Get Your (Legal) Facts Straight

It goes without saying that it is absolutely imperative that your understand your legal responsibilities as a landlord so that you don’t fall foul of any serious mishaps. 

A key part of this is that, before it’s let out to tenants, you ensure your property is “fit for human cohabitation”. There are 29 hazards detailed by England’s Housing Health and Safety Regulations Act 2005 which all landlords are legally required to follow. Some of the key standards to bear in mind are that:

  • The building is not neglected or in bad condition
  • The building is stable
  • There is a safe layout
  • There is no serious damp problem
  • There is an adequate amount of natural life
  • There remains no property-related difficulty preparing, cooking or washing up food
  • There is no ventilation problem
  • There is no hot or cold water supply problem
  • Drainage and lavatories are in good working condition

You of course must provide properly tested and working smoke alarms on each floor of your property before tenants move in. Likewise, a fully-functional carbon monoxide alarm in any rooms featuring a fireplace or form of woodburner. 

Complying with the local Leicester laws and fulfilling an adequate risk assessment is important to ensure that any new tenants are not at risk when living in your property. 

Legionnaires’ Disease is a bacterial illness which can be caused by breathing in small droplets of contaminated water. The majority of premises will be low risk, however, it is imperative as a landlord that you ensure a proper risk assessment is carried out and any necessary control measures introduced. The governments HSE (Health and Safety Executive) provide all the necessary details on landlord’s responsibilities regarding this.

Landlords are also required to provide an adequate Gas Safety Check – ensuring that all pipe work, flues and gas appliances are maintained in safe condition. 

An Energy Performance Certificate is a necessary report you should get which shows the energy efficiency of your property. Potential tenants may well wish to see this before deciding to move in to your property so that they know how much they are likely to be paying for bills in the long run. 

Is There a Licensing Scheme?

Something new to consider. Unbeknown to some, there are now 70 different councils in the UK who have set up additional, selective licensing schemes in an effort to increase standards within the private property sector. These go beyond the mandatory licensing which UK government enforces, and thus it is well worth checking the list sourced by Which detailing the jurisdictions which may and may not be affected by this scheme. 

To date, 70 councils in England – or a little over one in five – have brought in schemes that go above and beyond the mandatory landlord licensing enforced by the government.

Invest in The Right Local Estate Agents

Learning about all this new information is one thing (and hats off to you if you are able to do it alone), however, implementing it in the most effective and professional means as possible as a solo individual may feel like a very daunting test for many. Such a reason is why so many landlords choose to work alongside, expert, professional estate agents to maximise the yield on their profits. Therefore, with such a highly saturated real estate agent market, it is absolutely crucial that you take the time to research and invest in the right company – for a service that is going to suit you.

Open House landlord services provide everything landlords could ever want from selling with estate agents; including professional photography, tenant screening, viewings to rent collection and expert property advertising and marketing. Get in contact with one of our friendly team members today and find about more on how our landlord services can help you manage your properties efficiently and effectively.

Leicester property viewings

How to get the most out of your Leicester property viewings

Leicester property viewings

A successful viewing is a key component of any house sale. Almost every property is sold by the buyer viewing and assessing a property at least once – hardly anyone buys a property without looking at it first.

Property viewings might sound like a daunting task at first, but if you prepare your Leicester home correctly and follow the relevant advice, there is no reason why your viewings won’t go down a storm and make you Leicester property stand out from the rest. To make sure you’re ready we’ve put together our top useful tips to get your home property viewing ready!

Preparation is key

If your home is clean and ship-shape, it stands to reason that more would-be buyers will be attracted to it. Declutter work surfaces and remove anything too personal so that buyers can visualise themselves living in your property. You don’t want your home to come across as soulless, but neither do you want to put prospective buyers off.

Let in the light

Let in as much light as possible and let your home shine. Open curtains and blinds, make features of mirrors and where possible decorate with light and bright furniture. A dark and uninspiring place isn’t going to sell, especially in a competitive Leicester property market.

Kitchen is where the heart is

This room could be a deal-breaker. With the foodie revolution sweeping across Britain, thanks in no small part to shows like the Great British Bake Off and Masterchef and the rise of farmers’ markets, people are spending more and more time in their kitchens. And not just to cook and bake, but as a place to socialise and somewhere for the kids to do their homework.

With this in mind, your kitchen needs to be clean, homely and aesthetically pleasing. The kitchen is now seen by many as the most important room in the home, so buyers are likely to be particularly discerning when you show them round yours.

Make the most of your outdoor space

Many buyers in Leicester will have this as a top consideration, especially those with young children. So, whether you’ve got a huge garden or a relatively small one, make sure the buyers knows about it and can see the benefits of it immediately. Make sure the grass is cut, flowers are neat and if you have space for outdoor dining, get a table out.

If you don’t possess much outdoor space to shout about, talk about the local parks or playing fields to further entice buyers. If they can see the outside as an additional living space, it can make your house appear larger than it is to potential Leicester buyers.


Talk to one of our property managers today to find out how Open House Leicester can help you when looking to sell your property in and around Leicester. Call 0116 243 7938 or email

downsize your home in Birstall

How to easily downsize your home in Birstall, Leicester

downsize your home in Birstall

Downsizing your home is not an easy task. In most circumstances, you have lived in your current home for decades and have a lot of happy memories linked to the property, from raising a family to celebrating momentous occasions.

There are plenty of reasons why moving into a smaller home makes sense. Not only will there be fewer rooms to clean and possibly smaller annual household bills, but any profit generated can be used as a welcome cash injection to improve your quality of life.

While downsizing was once the preserve of empty-nesters approaching retirement who no longer needed so much space because their children had left home, it is now considered a sensible option for a wide cross-section of people.


Where to downsize to?

Deciding where to downsize to can be difficult, especially if you are looking to move out of your current area. Downsizing often comes hand in hand with finding the perfectly balanced lifestyle. Birstall, is a great option for Downsizers as Birstall is on the edge of the city centre yet has a relaxed village/suburb atmosphere.

With great transport links to the city centre Birstall is increasingly becoming more and more popular with people who are looking to move out of the city centre but still remain close to the heart of Leicester. With all the necessary local amenities including numerous school – both primary and secondary, supermarkets, independent shops and large parks in Birstall, everything you need regularly is on hand.

With a good quality of life on offer and still in easy to access distance from the city centre for shopping, eating out and work, Birstall is a great place to think about downsizing to in Leicester.



Last year the overall average property price in Birstall was £207,187. With semidetached properties coming in on average £20,000 lower than the average Birstall property price.

Downsizing also provides additional money to make changes to your property that suit you and your needs – whether it be from adding in an additional downstairs bathroom, building an art studio in the garden or transforming the garden. Downsizing isn’t always about reducing the size of your property as you get older, but creating a more manageable property that reflects your requirements whilst also providing you with the lifestyle you current enjoy or seek.


Downsizing can be difficult, especially when deciding where you want to downsize to. Birstall is a great place to downsize to within Leicester as has a great balance between city living and a more relaxing suburbs experience.

Do your research, keep an eye on local news, visit the area and talk to us at Open House Leicester – we’re more than happy to help you on all aspects of your downsizing. Call 0116 243 7938 or email

Leicester property prices are on the up!

Leicester property prices are on the up!

Leicester property prices are on the up!

Leicester property prices are on the up!

After an eventful 2016 with some rather unexpected results and unforeseen twists and turns, it seems that 2017 has started with some positive news. Leicester house prices are on the rise and set to stay this way.

It is always great to hear positive news about the property market, especially after facing some uncertain times in 2016. After Britain voted to leave the EU in June last year it triggered a wave of instant mark-downs on house prices throughout Leicester and the rest of the UK with nervous home owners slashed their asking prices in an attempt to sell their current property.

According to the latest figures by Hometracker, houses in Leicester and the East Midlands are up almost four per cent on last year and they have made a mammoth leap of 20 per cent since 2011! That’s excellent news for Leicester landlords and home owners throughout the city. It’s always great to hear some positive news about the local housing market and not just in London.

The survey also indicated that the East Midlands had the largest potential for growth alongside the South West and South Midlands. And if that wasn’t enough to be going on with, the data also predicts that the consistent rise will be a trend that will last well into 2017. That’s great news for all in Leicester.

The demand for property in Leicester is increasing and more first time buyers are taking a step on to  the property ladder as well as a larger number of people moving to the Leicester area form other parts of the country. In 2016 the average Leicester property price was £156,000, providing a great return for many homeowners who sold their property in 2016. Leicester estate agents seem to be in for a busy 2017.

 Our top tips to get the best value for your Leicester property in 2017:

  • Make sure photographs of your property are light, bright and showcase all the key features of your property.

    Leicester property prices are on the up!

    Almost all people begin looking for new properties on the internet, so make sure your home stands out with great quality photographs, after all a picture tells a thousand words.

  • Make sure that all the little jobs that need to be completed are done. Whether that changing a broken door handle or finishing painting the back bedroom. Little things can put potential buyers off, so make sure that there’s nothing for them to dislike.
  • Create a sense of space. Anything that opens the space and creates a sense of flow in the property generates a positive response from buyers who can afford to be choosy. Currently buyers are looking for an open planned space where rooms flow from one another, providing a great family or entertaining space. So if there’s a bulky arm chair taking up too much space in the living room, ask a relative if they have anywhere to store I until you’re in your new property.


Talk to one of our property consultants today to find out exactly what you need to do to get your home on the property market. At Open House Leicester we’re here to make selling your home simple.


Top tips to sell your property

Rent Guarantee

How to rent with complete peace of mind

How to rent with complete peace of mind

Rent Guarantee


Renting out your property can be great, especially when you have a tenant that respects your property. However, in a small number of occasions this is not always the case. As a landlord, there’s one thing you may dread and that’s the tenant from hell. Whilst the vast majority of tenants cause no problems and will treat your property with respect; it is an inherent risk of being a landlord that you may come across a nightmare tenant.

Challenging tenants can arise for a number of different reasons, be it financial or problematic. When a tenant simply fails to pay, be it out of malevolence, financial incompetence or a sudden change for the worse in their financial circumstances they may not tell their landlord about it. Landlords without a rent guarantee insurance policy may be in for a shock if this situation arises.

Rent Guarantees are designed to provide comprehensive cover to landlords in the unfortunate circumstance that any of the above issues arise. Sometimes these issues cannot be picked up when vetting your potential new tenants no matter how many references you check and verify incomes; sometimes their personal situation can change quick and dramatically.

Without Rent Guarantee with Eviction cover,  the cost of evicting a problem tenant from your property costs on average £1500 as well as up to 12 months missed rental payment (depending on how long the case goes on for). This is a costly fee that most landlords could do with avoiding. Plus without rent guarantee you cannot be certain that you’ll even receive the missed rent or the cost to replace any damages to the property.


Rent Guarantee, how does it work?Rent Guarantee

One of the great benefits of having Legal Expenses and Rent Guarantee insurance in place is that busy landlords and investors do not have to chase up tenants. Lengthy court cases take up your time, energy and stifle cash flow. Your insurance can cover the legal costs and help reduce the process.


The main benefits of Rent Guarantee are:

  • Decreases the risk of cash flow due to non-payment of rents from the tenants.
  • Gives landlords the peace of mind that any issue with non-payment of rents will be handled by an expert legal company or insurer.
  • Brings a level of formality in the relationship by which the tenant understands that non-payment of rents can lead to serious circumstances and there is no room for any emotional manoeuvres.
  • With the Rent Protection on Rent Guarantee policy, all the hassle factor is taken on by the insurer and hence the landlord’s do not get sucked into solving this problem singularly.
  • If the tenants do not leave the property at the end of the tenancy and effectively squat, the landlord is left with no agreement and legal proceedings can be very messy. Rent Protection or a Rent Guarantee policy usually covers such scenarios.
  • The landlord gets covered not only for the loss of rent but also for all the legal costs to evict the tenants and thus saves landlords from expensive legal fees.


Here at Open House Estate Agents Leicester we don’t just find you a tenant, we also a comprehensive Rent giving landlords peace of mind that should something go wrong, we are here to carry out a free of charge eviction and ensure that you receive all money you are owed. At Open House Leicester free tenant eviction is offered with all Rent Guarantee covers for landlords who use our fully managed lettings service; meaning that we can take the hassle out of everything.

It is important to protect your investment and make sure that the time and money you have invested into your property is not wasted. Talk to one of our property consultants today to find out how you can protect your property with Open House Leicester.



Top tips to sell your property

Top Tips to SELL Your Property! Download your free e-book


At Open House Leicester we want to give you all the help you need to sell your house, which is why we have written this handy guide to help take the stress out of the process.

Our free e-book, “Top Tips to SELL Your Property“, will tell you:
  • How to prepare your home for photography and viewing.
  • How to tell whether your valuation will get you a good price and a prompt sale.
  • How to get the best value from your choice of estate agent.
  • How to choose the best buyer for your property.
Simply complete the form below to get your copy today:

One of our Dedicated Personal Agents would be glad to have a further chat to offer you more specific advice on your property.

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Selling your house is a real challenge and Open House Leicester is here to make it easier for you. If you are looking for a dedicated partner to help you get the best possible price for your house in the best possible time then we are the people to help.

Successful sellers know how to present their home to make the best first impression. They also know that it is important to take a realistic view, balancing their desire to get a good price with their need to sell their property in a timely way.

Leicester Estate Agents

Sell your house FAST with an Open House Block Viewing

Sell Your House Fast

Most motivated sellers would prefer to sell quickly, but at the same time achieve as best a price as possible for their house. There are several ways of carrying out viewings, whether it be the vendor doing their own viewings, having the agent offer individual accompanied viewings to potential buyers, or carrying out an Open House block viewing. It really depends on the type of property and the potential market for that house.

Video: Open House Block Viewings


Create a buzz with an Open House event to sell your house

At an Open House viewing, many potential buyers are invited to view the property at the same time. The benefit here to a seller is that the viewers know that they are not the only interested party and if they do not act quickly and seriously, then this property is very likely to sell to another viewer. There is a feeling of competition amongst all the viewers and this is what makes people take the block viewing seriously and make an offer.

Will your house in Leicester benefit from an Open House event?

Many vendors who have struggled to sell their house with an estate agent over a period of time ask us the question “will you do an Open Day for our house?”  The answer here is NO. When a property has already been on the market for an extended period of time then the majority of the searching market will have already seen the house online and may have already booked in a viewing.

If your house is a high value property, for example £500,000 upwards in Leicester, then again it is unlikely to benefit from a block viewing as very few buyers are in that affordability bracket, so such a house would take a long time to sell.

Open House Block Viewing


What is the best type of property that will sell fast with an Open House block viewing?

The typical house that we would recommend carrying out an Open House event on is something that is brand new to the market, in a great condition and attractively priced between the £90k to £150k bracket. Such a property would be of interest to investors as well as first time buyers, therefore eliminating the possibility of downward chains, thus getting the job done faster for our vendors.

We have sold houses on the very first viewing with an Open House event

Here at Open House Estate Agents in Leicester, we know that you want to sell your house fast. We have had great success with selling houses on the very first viewing, as we know what property will benefit from such an event, and we are experts in negotiating the best offer from buyers.

If you would like to benefit from such a service, give us a call 0116 243 7938. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and download our FREE eBook offering you more top tips on how you can sell your property.

Open House Estate Agents Accompanied viewings

Accompanied Viewings

In our first video blog discussing questions to ask your estate agent, we touched on accompanied viewings. This article goes into more detail on the importance of accompanied viewings and how they should be carried out.

Video: What is an Accompanied Viewing?

There’s no point having a “door opener” conduct the viewings

In the high street agency model, most agents will employ someone just to let people view properties. These individuals are known as the “door openers”, because all they really do is go from house to house with a set of keys and let people in to have a look by themselves. If the viewer has any questions about the property or wants to talk about a potential offer, then they will be asked to speak to someone in the office and the “door opener” has no knowledge of the property, the seller’s position and has no authority to discuss anything further.

Make sure the office staff know your house before showing it to others

It might be the case that the office staff you speak to on a regular basis are going to be carrying out the accompanied viewings. This would be far better for a seller as there is already a relationship between the two and the staff member will have a better knowledge of a seller’s circumstances. The main thing to watch out for here is that the staff member should have viewed the house and had an in-depth tour of the property before showing it to potential buyers. It wouldn’t look great to a buyer if your estate agent didn’t know where the meter boxes were for example…

Open House Estate Agents Accompanied viewings

The Open House Leicester approach to accompanied viewings

With Open House Estate Agents Leicester, every client deals with just one point of contact from the initial valuation right through to completion of the sale. This means that it is your dedicated personal agent that will be showing viewers around your house, the same agent that has actually valued your house, knows you and your situation and can answer any questions on the viewing – and very possibly even secure a sale on the viewing itself!

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