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Landlord Services In Leicester

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Looking for landlord services in Leicester?

As leading Leicester estate agents, Open House Leicester has the experience, expertise, and contacts to support you and your properties. Whether you are investing in your first Leicester property, or you have a portfolio of properties that you require support with, we can help. Our landlord services are perfect for Leicester landlords and property investors, and together, we can ensure your properties reach their full potential.

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Property Investor Network

If you are an investor looking to invest in properties in Leicester, then we can provide you with the support you need to secure reliable tenants. Alongside this and with plenty of knowledge of the Leicester property market under our belts, we can also offer you excellent advice on investment properties in Leicester too. Equipped with a portfolio of properties that are only available to the investor network, you’ll have exclusive access to properties which require a discrete sale and are not available to the open market. Find out more about our property investor network in Leicester.

Leicester Property Management

As part of our landlord services in Leicester, we also offer Leicester property management services. This is perfect for landlords who do not have the time to be dealing with rental portfolios and tenant issues. Our estate agents in Leicester will take care of all the stresses that can be involved with rental properties. As a result, ensuring that you have a smooth and flawless experience when it comes to investing in property to rent in Leicester and Leicestershire.

As part of our Leicester property management services, we’ll take care of:

  • Handling of deposits
  • Regular tenant and house inspections
  • Rent collection
  • Chasing rental arrears
  • Issuing notices
  • Dealing with tenant evictions
  • Maintenance issues (including emergency problems such as burst pipes, broken boilers, and leaking roofs)
  • Lost keys

Property Inventories 

To support landlords when they begin letting a property in Leicester, we use an independent inventory company to arrange professional property inventories. Both the landlord and the tenant will agree to and sign this inventory at the very start of the letting. The inventory details the complete condition of the property, covering the condition inside and outside of the rental property including any marks or damages.

With an inventory to refer back to should you need to, you as a landlord can have peace of mind knowing exactly what condition the property should be in when it is returned back to you.

As deposits are held by a Deposit Protection Service, an inventory can be a useful document to have. This is especially the case if there are any disputes at the end of a tenancy, which can often be easily resolved based on what the inventory shows.

Property Inspections 

At our estate agents in Leicester, our landlord services involve our own team acting on behalf of you when it comes to property inspections. With this in mind, our inventory experts will carry out the necessary interim inspections, comparing the initial inventory to the current condition of the property. They will also do the property check in and check out, again with the signed agreements from the tenants at each stage.

By ensuring your property is regularly inspected and that the inventory is always being used during the inspections, we can highlight any issues early on. As a result, helping to reduce the financial cost to you, should any fixtures and repairs need to be made.

Accompanied Property Viewings In Leicester

An accompanied viewing can make all the difference into letting your property. If you have been relying on someone to simply open the door and let prospective tenants take a look by themselves, then you are missing a real opportunity to find a reliable tenant.

With Open House Leicester, your personal agent will be fully equipped with the right knowledge on your property. Therefore, they will be able to bring out the most important and appealing points for any prospective tenant. We’ll give the tenant the time they need to become confident that your house will suit them, answering any questions that they have.

On most occasions, we are able to close the deal there and then and should the prospective buyers have questions outside the accompanied viewing, we will answer them too. We truly go the extra mile when it comes to our landlord services in Leicester. Read about how we sold one property that had been on the market for a year in just three weeks.

Virtual House Viewings 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Open House Estate Agents Leicester is fully committed to adapting property viewings to keep you safe. Whilst we are currently conducting COVID-safe physical house viewings, we fully understand that if you are looking to buy a house in Leicester, a virtual viewing may be more appropriate. With this in mind, we are proud to now be offering 360Deg House Viewings.

The high-tech 3D imaging camera will scan through the entire property to create a “digital replica” of the house which prospective buyers can navigate through. The benefit of creating these immersive virtual walkthroughs is that they are almost as effective as standing in the house on a physical viewing. The user can move through the property at the touch of a button, in their own time and in the safe comfort of their own home.

Energy Performance Certificate For Your Leicester Property

As a general rule, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required every time a home is put up for sale or for rent. Newly constructed homes will have one, landlords need one for new tenants, and sellers must have them for potential buyers. An EPC is legally required before a house can be marketed for rent.

It is valid for 10 years, which means if you bought your property within that time period, you will probably have one already. If not, don’t worry. Our Leicester estate agents work with a team of local energy assessors who offer us reduced rates for our clients. Our landlord services in Leicester, include making the introduction between you and these energy assessors and ensuring you have the right certification to go ahead with letting your Leicester property.

Gas Safety Certificate

If you are thinking of renting out your property, one of the most important things to remember is It is a legal requirement for your rental property to have a valid gas safety certificate. It must be renewed every twelve months to ensure the certificate is still valid. However, it is a good idea to ensure that a new certificate is issued prior to a new tenant moving in to ensure that you are confident that everything is working properly. At Open House Estate Agents Leicester, we can arrange this with a local gas safe (previously Corgi registered) plumber.

Floor Plans

property in Leicester listed with a floor plan is typically far easier to let to good tenants than one listed without. A floor plan gives the tenant a better picture of the property layout and enables them to establish a better idea of how it will suit them. Conversely, if the floor plan clearly indicates that a property is unsuitable, we can all save the time involved in an unnecessary viewing.

A floor plan also appeals to those who prefer visual information over lengthy, wordy descriptions. Therefore, including a floor plan for your Leicester property increases your chances of the property being seen by the right prospective buyer. We can create a professional floor plan for your property – one of the services for landlords that will help you let your property quickly to the right tenant.

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