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Houses For Sale Leicester

Here at Open House Leicester, we have many highly-skilled, expert advisors who are on hand to assist you with your buying needs and houses for sale Leicester

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Houses For Sale Leicester: Homebuyers Property Services

When searching for properties for sale in Leicester, you will need to make sure that you obtain a comprehensive survey of the property from people you trust, not to be mixed up with a “mortgage valuation”, which is to be carried out by your bank lender.

A homebuyer’s survey should be a part of the buying process that you carefully consider to ensure that there are no hidden surprises when you move into your new property.

There are three types of housing surveys that you will want to consider, depending on the type of property you are looking for and the houses that are on the market at the time you are conducting your property search.

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We recommend that you learn more about the following surveys for your new property in Leicester:

A Condition Report

A condition report is produced by a qualified surveyor who will provide you with an objective report regarding the condition of the property and any repair work that may need to be done on an immediate and long-term basis.

This report will aim to highlight any risks and potential legal issues with the new property. These property risks will be displayed using a straightforward traffic light system with green being OK and red indicating that repairs may need to be made quickly to the property.

We would recommend choosing this report if you are interested in purchasing a newer home in Leicester.

A Homebuyers Survey Report

A homebuyers survey report is generally more detailed than a condition survey report and is able to look for and document any potential problems with a property that may cause future damage and need repairs in the future, such as damp or roofing issues.

A homebuyers survey report will generally be carried out on any property in a reasonable condition and only checks for visible issues. We would recommend this type of survey if you are buying a conventional house, a flat or a bungalow that is in a reasonable condition in Leicester.

A Building Survey Report

A building survey report aims to provide you with detailed information on the condition of the property you are looking to buy and will provide an identifiable risk of the potential or hidden defects of the property.

The report will provide a breakdown of an estimate of costs for the repairs that may need to be done. We would suggest that this type of report should be done for properties that may be older and more run-down or if you are planning major works when you purchase the property.

If you need any of the above reports, we can recommend local surveyors that cover many different types of properties or homes in Leicester and we can provide expert advice on which home survey report would best suit your unique needs.

A Guide To Mortgage Rates

Buying a home or property is a significant investment for many people and a mortgage can be a critical aspect of the buying process.

Before you set up your mortgage, you will need to consider an amount you can reasonably borrow and make sure to view houses within this budget.

Your type of mortgage is specific to your needs, so whether you are a first time home buyer, deciding on remortgaging options for your current property, buying an additional property, or even wanting to buy a home through a buy-to-let mortgage, you will need to carefully consider your mortgage provider to get the best rate for you.

If you are unsure of which mortgage type is best for you, make sure to contact one of our expert advisors who can explain everything you need to know throughout your buying journey.

When considering a mortgage provider, you will also need to take your desired deposit amount into account. A deposit is a lump sum of money that will go towards your property to secure your home and calculate your future mortgage rate. The more money you put towards your deposit, the lower your interest rate will be.

For example, with a £20,000 deposit on a property worth £200,000, the deposit would be 10% of the property and the Loan To Value (LTV) rate would be the remaining 90%. This means that the lower your LTV, the lower your interest rate will be for your mortgage loan since the lender will be taking less of a risk on the mortgage repayments.

To ensure that you can get the best possible mortgage, unlike other local agents we don’t insist on speaking to our “inhouse mortgage adviser”. Instead, we are happy to recommend some trusted local “whole of market” independent mortgage brokers, who are not tied to any specific lender and will be able to offer you the best mortgage deal.

Residential Conveyancing Services In Leicester

We appreciate that buying a new home, at the same time as selling a property can be an extremely stressful process. At Open House Estate Agents Leicester, we work with trusted local law firms that specialise in property conveyancing and the legal process of buying and selling your home.

We will only ever recommend conveyancing solicitors that we trust to act in our clients’ best interest and deal with the process promptly and smoothly. It is our top priority to keep you updated throughout the process and help make your next move as smooth as possible.

We will always use straightforward communication and use jargon-free legal explanations, so you can understand what is happening. Our ultimate aim is to take the stress out of buying and selling a property.

How Can Open House Leicester Help You?

Once you have followed our home buying steps and secured the house of your dreams in Leicester, it’s time to prepare for the move. Check out our 2020 Property Checklist: What to Do When Moving House in Leicester blog!

If you require any further information or need to ask a question about buying your next home or about houses for sale Leicester, please don’t hesitate to contact us today by emailing or calling 0116 243 7938 – we hope to hear from you soon!

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