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0116 243 7938

Property Consultancy in Leicester

If you are facing particular challenges in buying or selling a property our property consultancy in Leicester is for you. This is a specialist services developed especially for those who are trying to sell or let a property in difficult situations.

Video: Property Consultancy in Leicester


Selling a property in Leicester

Talk to us if you:

Need help understanding why your property has not sold despite having tried different agents and/or reducing your price.

Need a true and realistic valuation of your property – the one you have had from another agent might not reflect that state of the local market.

Would benefit from full project management of getting your property ready for sale, including managing your budget and timescales.

Buying a property in Leicester

Talk to us if you:

Need help negotiating a better price on the house you want to buy.

Investment property consultancy in Leicester

Talk to us if you:

Are new to property investment, want to know more but don’t know how much to pay.

Have bought a property or are looking at buying one and don’t know what renovations are required on a property and what it is likely to cost.

Want a clear idea of whether you will make a profit if you invest in a property.

If you are looking for property consultancy in Leicester, please contact us on 0116 243 7938.