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Quick House Sales Leicester

Do you need to sell your property in Leicester fast? Talk to us about our quick house sales service.

Free Sales Valuation

We can give you a free sales valuation in Leicester. How will your sales valuation help?

There are many reasons why you might have a need for quick house sale Leicester and this is the time to contact Open House Estate Agent Leicester. If you are affected by any of the following then we can help:

  • You are facing repossession.
  • You need to clear debts.
  • You are selling an inherited property.
  • You need to sell as part of a divorce or separation.
  • You are relocating.
  • You simply don’t want the risk of delays that comes from being part of a chain.

Whatever your situation, we have a portfolio of local investors who want to buy your house. The purchase price will most likely be below market value but we will still aim to achieve a price that is reasonable to your needs.

As with all our house sales, we will only match you with genuine buyers who are local, know your area and will only proceed if they are serious, with no last minute drops in the offer price once you are invested in selling to them – a favourite trick of many homebuyer networks.

Our buyers are cash rich which means there are no delays while they seek a mortgage and gives you a faster completion. On average you will see cash in your bank within just four weeks.

Our ethical approach means that you will receive a fair price balanced with a quick sale. You will not find yourself landed with unexpected fees and we will deal honestly with you from start to finish without exploiting your circumstances.

If you need to sell your house quickly, contact us today.

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How do you get a quick house sale Leicester?

Selling on the open market is not necessarily going to give you the quick sale you need. It’s a process that can have built-in delays as a buyer applies for a mortgage or is affected by the circumstances of other people further along the buying chain.

Instead, what you really want is a guaranteed sale within an agreed time period.  To achieve that, you need an estate agent with a pool of cash buyers who will be interested in your property. These buyers will not be constrained by the need to seek funding or by anyone else in a chain – if your house is what they are looking for, a quick sale for cash is assured.

Why might you need a cash sale for a house in Leicester?

There are all kinds of reasons why someone might want a quick cash sale for a house in Leicester.

A cash sale because you need to move house

There are different reasons why you might need to move house quickly and not want the delays you might find by putting your property on the open market.

Perhaps you need to relocate for your career. A move to a different part of the country, or a different part of the world, hardly helps if you want to sell a house in Leicester so a quick cash sale can take one challenge off your to-do list.

Alternatively, if you need to move closer to family or into care for health or age reasons, a cash sale can free up finance to make your arrangements more smoothly.

Read more reasons why you might want a quick cash sale for a house in Leicester…

What can you do to help us and yourself?

Tips for researching house prices and working out the value of your home.

The Government has a website for sold houses and looking at prices here is a good place to start to check how much did a house sell for. Also, see Zoopla or Rightmove and find out what Leicester homes similar to yours are selling for. Try our free online property valuation tool and find out how much your property is worth.

Now think about how long you need or want to stay in your home while a buyer is confirmed. If you need to sell your house as fast as possible then, unfortunately, it may be that you have to accept a lower offer than if you could wait longer and search for the perfect buyer.

If selling fast for cash isn’t for you, then try our online estate agents service. We will provide a personal dedicated service and endeavour to get you the best buyer and the best price for your home.

Look carefully at any parts of your home that need a bit of tender loving care or broken things that need fixing. Get any that you can fixed. Also, think about what you think are the positive elements of your Leicester property and ensure that you get these across when buyers are shown around. Read any tips for selling and use what works for you. Don’t forget the time of year is important when selling. Property is always affected in some way or other by seasonal fluctuations.

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