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Want a quick cash sale for a house in Leicester?

If you need to sell a property quickly and for cash, it’s not as difficult as you might think to make a quick cash sale for a house in Leicester and still get a reasonable price for your property.

How do you get a cash sale for a house in Leicester?

Selling on the open market is not necessarily going to give you the quick sale you need. It’s a process that can have built-in delays as a buyer applies for a mortgage or is affected by the circumstances of other people further along the buying chain.

Instead, what you really want is a guaranteed sale within an agreed time period. And, to achieve that, you need an estate agent with a pool of cash buyers who will be interested in your property. These buyers will not be constrained by the need to seek funding or by anyone else in a chain – if your house is what they are looking for, a quick sale for cash is assured.

Why might you need a cash sale for a house in Leicester?

There are all kinds of reasons why someone might want a quick cash sale for a house in Leicester.

A cash sale because you need to move house

There are different reasons why you might need to move house quickly and not want the delays you might find by putting your property on the open market.

Perhaps you need to relocate for your career. A move to a different part of the country, or a different part of the world, hardly helps if you want to sell a house in Leicester so a quick cash sale can take one challenge off your to-do list.

Alternatively, if you need to move closer to family or into care for health or age reasons, a cash sale can free up finance to make your arrangements more smoothly.

A cash sale to repair a broken property chain

You think things are going to plan with your house sale and then something unexpected happens to break the property chain. When you need to get the situation back under control, a quick cash sale can be the answer.

A cash sale to avoid repossession of your property

Nothing could be more stressful than the prospect of having your home repossessed, together with the threat of court proceedings and the daunting future that might lie ahead. A quick cash sale of your house can help you achieve the best price possible and remove some of the worst of the pressure of these circumstances.

A cash sale to clear your debts or get yourself out of financial problems

If your debts are such that drastic action is needed then a quick cash sale of your property can put you in a position where you can pay your debts and start to get back on your feet.

A cash sale to sell an inherited property

Settling probate and meeting inheritance tax obligations can be a long and drawn out process at the best of times. If a property is part of the inherited estate then selling that property on the open market can add significantly to the time it takes and to the associated stress. A quick cash sale for a fair price is a good way to keep the probate and tax process moving.

A cash sale in case of divorce or separation

Divorce or separation is another stressful period that will only be made more so through the process of selling a once-shared home. A quick cash sale can ensure that you can close this chapter in your life and move on with cash in your bank account.

A cash sale because it’s just less hassle

I’ve you’ve had a poor experience of dealing with another estate agent using the open market then it might be one you don’t want to repeat. In this case, using an estate agent who has a pool of local cash buyers can take all that hassle away.

The benefits of a cash sale for a house in Leicester

Whatever opportunities or challenges you are facing when selling your house, a cash sale can be a distinct advantage. We can help you benefit from:

A guaranteed sale for a fair price in a set time period.

No hidden costs or surprise fees to pay.

No time-wasters as we will only match you with genuine buyers.

Cash in your bank account when you need it.

Any house considered – we can find a buyer if you want to sell.

Whatever your situation, our portfolio of local investors will include someone who wants to buy your house. Whilst the purchase price will most likely be below market value we will always aim to gets a reasonable price that meets your needs.

If you need to sell your house in Leicester quickly, contact us today.

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