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Selling a Family Home in Leicester: Appeal to Family-Friendly Features

Are you considering selling your family home in Leicester? If so, you’re likely aware of the unique needs and desires families have when searching for their perfect abode. Leicester, with its vibrant community and diverse neighbourhoods, offers a plethora of opportunities for families looking to settle down. 

At Open House, we have a deep understanding of the Leicester market. We’re here to guide you through the process of appealing to family-friendly features that will make your home stand out among the rest.


Key Features of Leicester Homes that Appeal to Families

Proximity to Schools

One of the top priorities for families when searching for a home is its proximity to quality schools. Leicester boasts a range of excellent primary and secondary schools, both state and private, making it a prime location for families with children of all ages. Highlighting the distance to reputable educational institutions in your listing can significantly enhance its appeal to families.

Is your property near any of these sought-after Leicester schools?

  • Gartree High School (LE2 5TQ)
  • Ash Field Academy (LE5 4PY)
  • North Mead Primary Academy  (LE4 9DL)
  • Evington Valley Primary School  (LE5 5LL)
  • Humberstone Junior School (LE5 1AE)


Safe and Family-Friendly Neighborhoods

Safety is paramount for families, and Leicester offers several neighbourhoods known for their family-friendly atmosphere and low crime rates. Mentioning the safety of your neighbourhood in your listing can reassure potential buyers that they’re making a secure investment for their loved ones.


Ample Living Space

Families need room to grow, which is why spacious living areas are a major selling point for family homes. Highlight the size and layout of your home, emphasising its potential for accommodating a growing family’s needs, whether it’s a large living room for family gatherings or multiple bedrooms for children.


Outdoor Play Areas

With Leicester’s lush green spaces and parks, having an outdoor play area is a huge draw for families. Whether it’s a backyard garden, a communal playground within the neighbourhood, or nearby parks and recreational facilities, showcasing outdoor play options can make your home irresistible to families with young children.


Selling a Family Home in Leicester | Open House

Is your property near any of these parks in Leicester?

Victoria Park: Located near the city centre, Victoria Park is one of Leicester’s most iconic green spaces. It features wide open lawns, flower gardens, a boating lake, and a children’s playground. 

Abbey Park: Situated along the River Soar, Abbey Park is a picturesque park known for its scenic beauty and historic ruins. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks, boating on the lake, tennis courts, and a miniature railway.

Western Park: Situated in the western part of Leicester, Western Park is a large green space with mature woodlands, open meadows, and sports facilities. It features walking trails, a children’s playground, tennis courts, and a café.

Aylestone Meadows: Stretching along the River Soar, Aylestone Meadows is a vast natural area with grasslands, wetlands, and woodlands. It offers scenic walking and cycling paths, wildlife observation points, and opportunities for fishing and picnicking.

Knighton Park: Nestled in the suburb of Knighton, Knighton Park is a well-maintained green space with landscaped gardens, tennis courts, and a children’s play area. It offers peaceful surroundings for leisurely walks, dog walking, and family picnics.


Functional Kitchen and Dining Areas

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and families value functional kitchen spaces where they can prepare meals and bond over shared dinners. Highlight any modern appliances, ample storage, and spacious dining areas your home offers, as these features can greatly appeal to family buyers.


Storage Solutions

Families accumulate a lot of belongings over time, so ample storage space is essential. Walk-in closets, built-in shelves, and garage storage are all desirable features that can help your home stand out to family buyers who need space to store their belongings efficiently.


Accessibility to Amenities

Convenience is key for busy families, so proximity to amenities such as supermarkets, shopping centres, healthcare facilities, and recreational activities is highly desirable. Highlighting nearby amenities in your listing can showcase the convenience of your home’s location to potential buyers.


Good Transport Links

Easy access to public transportation and major roadways is crucial for families commuting to work, school, and activities. Mention any nearby bus stops, train stations, or major roadways in your listing to emphasise the accessibility of your home’s location.


Family-Friendly Community Events

Leicester is known for its vibrant community spirit and diverse cultural events, many of which cater to families. Mentioning any nearby community events, festivals, or family-friendly activities in your listing can showcase the sense of community that your neighbourhood offers to potential buyers.


Flexible Living Spaces

With the rise of remote work and homeschooling, flexible living spaces have become increasingly important for families. Highlight any bonus rooms, home offices, or multipurpose spaces in your home that can adapt to the evolving needs of a modern family.


Selling a Family Home in Leicester | Open House

What are the most desirable places for families in Leicester?

Clarendon Park

This charming suburb is popular among families for its tree-lined streets, Victorian-era homes, and vibrant community atmosphere. With excellent schools, parks, and local shops, Clarendon Park offers a comfortable and family-friendly lifestyle.

  • Oadby

Known for its prestigious schools and spacious homes, Oadby is a desirable neighbourhood for families seeking a high-quality education and a peaceful residential setting. The picturesque parks, including Brocks Hill Country Park, provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.

  • Stoneygate

With its elegant architecture, leafy streets, and proximity to Leicester city centre, Stoneygate appeals to families looking for a balance of urban convenience and suburban tranquillity. The area is home to reputable schools and a variety of amenities, making it a sought-after location for families.

  • Knighton

Nestled between Clarendon Park and Oadby, Knighton offers a mix of period properties and modern developments, providing options for families of all sizes. The neighbourhood boasts excellent schools, parks, and local amenities, creating a desirable living environment for families.

  • Westcotes

Situated west of Leicester city centre, Westcotes is a diverse and multicultural neighbourhood known for its affordability and sense of community. Families are drawn to the area for its proximity to schools, parks, and leisure facilities, making it an attractive option for those seeking family-friendly living at a reasonable price.

  • Braunstone Town

Located southwest of Leicester city centre, Braunstone Town offers a range of housing options, from traditional terraces to modern developments. Families appreciate the area’s affordable housing, good schools, and access to amenities such as parks, shopping centres, and leisure facilities.

  • Evington

With its mix of residential streets, green spaces, and local amenities, Evington is a popular choice for families seeking a peaceful suburban lifestyle. The area is home to several schools, parks, and community facilities, making it an ideal location for raising a family.

  • Wigston

Just south of Leicester city centre, Wigston offers a variety of housing options, including detached homes, semi-detached properties, and townhouses. Families are attracted to the area for its good schools, parks, and proximity to amenities such as supermarkets, shops, and leisure centres.


Sell your Family Home with Open House

Selling a family home in Leicester requires understanding the unique needs and preferences of family buyers.

At Open House, our expert agents are here to help you navigate the process of selling your family home and finding the perfect buyers who will cherish it as much as you have. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in selling your home, contact us today for expert guidance and personalised assistance. We provide free in-person valuations, where we can evaluate your property’s unique features and discuss strategies to maximise its appeal to family buyers.

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