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Estate Agents’ Sales Pitches – what to watch out for!

If you have ever dealt with an estate agent you’ll recognise some of the things they all say to try to win your business. What should you look out for – and question – when you’re listening to estate agents’ sales pitches?

Video: Estate Agents’ Sales Pitches – what to watch out for!

A database of interested buyers looking in this area

Yes, estate agents have these lists but this is only of value if those people are currently looking for a property. You need people who have been house hunting in the last month in your area. If they’ve been on that database for much longer then it’s highly likely that their circumstances will have changed or that they will already have found their new home.

An assurance that the property will be sold within a week

With the best will in the world this is over-optimistic to say the least. We’d all love to get that sale for you that quickly but in the real world it just doesn’t happen that quickly. Look for an estate agent who is setting realistic expectations – ones that they can actually meet for you.

An attractive valuation

Be aware that it is the valuer’s job to get you to sign up with that estate agent – not to sell your house – so there’s a danger that they will tell you what you want to hear – and who doesn’t want to hear a generous valuation for their property? Once they’ve secured your business, though, it will be up to someone else to try and sell the property for that price – and if the price is unrealistic, they are bound to struggle.

Estate Agents’ Sales Pitches

Advertising in local newspapers

They might well do this but just how much is it worth to you? Look at the property pages of your local paper and you will see a tiny picture of a house with a one-word description and a price. What is that actually telling a reader? Not very much. The reader will need to pick up the phone to the agent or get online to look for more information. The advertising is at least as much about maintaining the estate agent’s own profile to gain new business as it is about selling a house.

After you’ve heard the estate agent’s sales pitches

When you’ve heard that sales pitch, what should you do? Get another, and another. Don’t just sign up with the first estate agents that you meet. Always get two or three different agents come out to meet you even though that means listening to two or three estate agents’ sales pitches. I know it can be a little bit daunting to have somebody in your lounge trying to sign you up but it’s your house and it’s your decision so make it wisely and take your time.

Never feel under pressure by any estate agent – and always question what you’re told in their pitch.

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