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Should I use an online estate agent to sell my house?

Online Estate Agent – Is this the answer?

There are a lot of online estate agents popping up pretty much on a weekly basis at the moment and they can actually be really good for you if your property is one that can achieve a reasonable price and would pretty much sell by itself.

Video: Should I use an online estate agent to sell my house?

How does an online estate agent measure up on price?

Online agents are known for being very cheap. You can actually sell your house for less than £800. But when it comes to a more complex sale or a situation where you have been struggling to sell your property for some time, an online state agent will probably not meet your needs.

Watch out for those online estate agents that ask for an upfront payment. It might seem cheap but there is no guarantee that they will make a sale so you need to think about that risk.

Online Estate Agent

How does an online estate agent measure up for service?

Some online estate agents offer a full service and will take professional photos and measurement and draw up floor plans. Others will expect you to do a lot of the work, such as taking photos, yourself. So they can be a mixed bag. Always check what level of service you are going to get from them.

Bear in mind that online estate agents typically work from call centres with staff who are great at taking calls and fixing viewing appointments; however they generally do not bring a personal touch to the sales process. As they are not part of the viewing procedure – that will be down to you – there is no one to help with answering technical questions or watching out for crucial buying signals.

Our approach is different – a combination on strong online presence and a dedicated personal estate agent which gives you the best of both worlds. Our next video tells you more about how we work.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and benefit from the tips. Stay tuned to our website, download our free book on the top tips to sell your house and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative tips.

Or contact us to see how we can help you sell your house.

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