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Estate Agents Leicester – Why choose Open House?

Local Estate Agents Leicester

Open House Leicester is a premium estate agents in Leicester. We provide a complete range of dedicated services from house sales to property rentals, ensuring that you have all of the services you require in order to get your property moving along the property ladder.

Estate agents Leicester’ is something that can be Googled time and time again, but finding the right person to sell your property or offer quality advice on how to sell your house can be difficult. You want to ensure that you are comfortable, confident and trust an estate agent with your property.

At Open House Estate Agents Leicester, we’ll do our utmost to ensure that we sell your property promptly, efficiently and within price expectations.

To do this we offer lots of tips on selling your house, from downloadable guides to property-specific ideas and solutions. We ensure that Open House Leicester is always here to help and we’ll make selling a house easy!

Whether you are a home buyer or a home seller, we can make the difference to your house sale or purchase. Here are some of our tips and expert advice that make selling a house a speedy process.

One way to really oomph up a viewing is to ensure that every viewing is accompanied. This can make all the difference in getting your home sold. With Open House Estate Agents, you will have a personal agent who knows your property well and can bring out the most important points for any credible prospective buyer. Allowing the buyer the time they need to become confident that your house is the one for them, whilst also providing the opportunity for questions to be answered then and there, potentially closing the deal there and then and reducing the time that it takes to sell your house.

Floor plans are a great feature to help sell your property. Although they are not necessarily drawn to scale, a floor plan gives any potential vendor a clearer idea of the property they are considering purchasing. Minimising the number of wasted viewings and whilst also engaging enthusiasm for your property. A property listed with a floor plan typically gets much better interest from more suitable prospective buyers than one listed without. Allowing the buyer the ability to easily picture themselves in the property and get a better idea of how it will suit their lifestyle and adapt to it.

Understanding how to sell your house is key to selling your property

The property market can be really complicated, especially if it is something that you’ve never handled before. It is often fast-paced and it is important to keep on top of everything. At Open House Leicester we aim to help any client through every step of the process, with three key focuses to ensure that your property is in the best sellable condition.

We make sure to provide you with a true and realistic valuation of your property. Accurately reflecting the property market in Leicester, so that your home is competitively placed with other local homes. Other estate agents might not reflect that state of the local market.

We do our utmost to help you understand why your property may not be selling despite having tried different agents and/or reducing your price. A fresh pair of eyes on your property can help you to understand the little elements that are stopping potential vendors from buying your home.

We also provide complete project management. Ensuring that your property is ready for selling, whilst also realistically managing your budget and timescales.

Why choose Open House Leicester to sell your property?

Leicester we aim to take the stress out of selling your house in the Leicester area, get you a good price, and ensure that your property is sold as quickly as possible.

Talk to us if you are putting your property onto the market for the first time or if you are struggling to sell it through another estate agent Leicester– we have been known to take properties that have been on the market for over a year with a high street estate agent and sell them within just three weeks.

We offer a bespoke service designed to sell your Leicestershire property quickly:

• Local Leicester property experts

• Agent-accompanied viewings as and when needed

• Extensive online marketing through leading online property sites

• Full range of services – mortgages, conveyancing, refurbishments, EPCs, etc from our property consultant.

If you are looking for an alternative to high street estate agents Leicester that charge high fees for a basic service but don’t want the impersonal service that comes with a purely online agent, then look no further to sell your property.

Our bespoke service gets impressive results whilst saving you £1,000s. You’ll get a free property appraisal and marketing advice, all aimed at achieving a good price for your property without unnecessary delays. We’ll make sure we teach you how to sell your house – contact us today!

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