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Estate Agents Birstall

Estate Agents Birstall, Leicester

Open House Leicester estate agents in Birstall are here to help those looking to sell their house in the local Leicestershire area. With an extensive knowledge of the local area and a range of marketing strategies, we can offer a bespoke and experienced helping hand to those selling properties. We are proud to be one of the leading estate agents in Leicester, and have plenty of expertise under our belts when it comes to listing houses for sale in Birstall. We know that the idea of selling your house in Leicester might seem a little daunting, but our local estate agents strive to make the process as smooth and as hassle-free as possible.

We also have a lot of experience when it comes to organising quick sales, as well as being able to support those looking for local properties in Birstall to buy. Whether you’re looking to move into your first home or you’re looking for a change of scenery, we can help you achieve a seamless move each and every time with our homebuyers property services.

How to Sell your Leicester Home Fast

If you are looking to sell your house in Leicester fast, then you may want to consider our ‘quick house sales in Leicester’ service. Quick house sales are perfect if you are looking to avoid the delays and timely process which can often take place when it comes to buying property. However, don’t be put off by the idea of quick sales! Just because we are helping you sell your house fast, doesn’t mean we are compromising on anything else.

As highly reputable estate agents in Birstall, we will always ensure we organise genuine, safe and seamless quick sales by getting your house listed on some of the main property listing sites. This way, you can get your Birstall property up for sale and sell quicker than you would if you tried to do it independently.

Moving To Birstall  

Lying on the A6, Birstall is a prime location for working professionals who are seeking a village nearby for great work opportunities. It also means you can easily hop on public transport with options to head either into the city or into any other of Leicester’s towns, villages and suburbs.

Since it has a nice village feel whilst still being a great size, Birstall makes the perfect location for families. With schools nearby, including Highcliffe Primary SchoolRiverside Primary School and The Cedars Academy, and a selection of great local amenities such as shops and pubs, restaurants and even a garden centre, Birstall is a fantastic location. It’s also a good choice for people looking for work in Leicester city centre since due to being so close to get to either by car or public transport.

Things To Do In Birstall, Leicester

The Grand Union Canal runs through the bottom end of the village, separating it from Watermead Country Park, a series of lakes in the bottom of the Soar Valley. Parents of young children will be pleased to know that there is an area that has been set aside as a recreational area and country park – perfect for entertaining little ones on sunny weekends.

Fan of a spot of golf? Then you’ll be happy to know that there is actually a golf club in Birstall called Birstall Golf Club. First founded in 1901, this prestigious golf club is perfect for men and women looking to join a club and feel like part of a community.

The public transport opportunities are reliable, nearby and provide you with plenty of ways to reach your destination. Served by Kinchbus, Skylink, Arriva Fox County and Centrebus, as well as having a park and ride, you’ll never feel isolated!

If you’re a family with a college student, there’s a library in Birstall where they can happily and peacefully study. Then, you can all take a day trip to one of the lovely parks in Birstall such as Harrogate Park.

Property For Sale Birstall Leicester

Conversely, if you are looking for property for sale in the Birstall Leicester area then our estate agents in Birstall can help. We operate in the LE4 postcode area of Birstall and endeavour to have a great range of properties including detached and semi-detached houses for sale. We strive to provide home buyers with a fantastic range of properties in the Birstall area. Since Birstall is a large village, there are plenty of houses to choose from, each one having its own kind of character and aesthetic.

The large housing estate in the north-west of the village is brimming with opportunities for landlords, as well as homebuyers looking to find a great home in a warm, welcoming environment. Housing estates like these are also very popular with those choosing to go into rented accommodation, so it’s definitely an area to consider if you wish to start your career as a landlord. For landlord services in Leicester and the surrounding area, you can count on Open House Estate Agents Birstall.

House Valuation Leicester 

If you have a house in Birstall that you’re thinking of selling, but you aren’t sure what price you are after, take advantage of our property valuation services. We offer a free sales valuation, including checking prices of houses recently sold in the area and looking at your house individually to get you the best price.

Letting Agents Birstall

Are you interested in renting, letting, buying or selling a property in Birstall Leicester? If so, Open House Leicester can help you. Just contact a member of our team today and we’ll be able to answer any property related questions you have about the Birstall area, as well as offer sound and honest advice on the properties available on our website.

For landlords and tenants, we offer services and lettings for rental properties across Birstall and Leicestershire. These can include apartments right through to larger family homes. With the market demanding more rented properties, offering rented houses in Birstall can be a fantastic choice for landlords.

Contact Your Local Estate Agents Today

With years of experience in the property market, as well as knowing Leicester inside and out, we can provide both home buyers and home sellers with all the advice they need to make informed decisions. Investing in or selling a property is a huge deal, and we aim to deal with each family or individual with the utmost care to ensure everyone is happy and that you can buy or sell a house for a good price.

Call us now on 0116 243 7938 for friendly expert help or complete the enquiry form below to arrange your house valuation. You can also feel free to ask us any questions, either about our available properties on the website or our services. Our friendly team of local estate agents will do all they can to help point you in the right direction and help you move forward with your property decision.

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