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Estate Agents Sileby

Estate Agents Sileby

Sileby is a former industrial village in the Soar Valley in Leicester. It is between Leicester and Loughborough. The population is 9503, according to a 2021 census.

The origins of the village date back to approximately 840 AD when the area was settled by the Danes. The majority of Leicestershire formed part of the Danelaw along with the other counties within the immediate vicinity. The name Sileby is predicted to have been derived from the Danish name ‘Sighulf’. The village lies at the bottom of an ancient valley that was created by the near River Soar. Traditionally Sileby was split into two wards due to the brook running through the middle of the village.

The division was strongly resented at the time, leading to local rivalries. Now, this division is ignored and the two traditional wards are virtually forgotten due to the fact the village is growing and new people are moving in, unaware of the historical significance of the definition. More recently, the village was known for how industrial it was.

Up until as late as the 1980s, it had several hosiery and shoe factories. Don’t worry about an unappealing landscape – nearly all have been demolished and now have been replaced by housing estates. These are good because the village is great for those who work throughout Leicestershire or even beyond with great access to London.

Attractions in Sileby

One of the main attractions of Sileby is the Grade II listed Anglican church of St. Mary which was founded approximately 1152. Only 4% of listed buildings in the country are Grade II status which makes this a significant interest point countrywide. The Gothic tower houses a fine ring of 10 bells which also attracts ringers from all over.

Despite the population being relatively small, there’s an active community for plenty of socialising if that appeals to you. In the village, the 3 predominant pubs are The Horse & Trumpet, The Free Trade Inn and The White Swan. These pubs will cater to all tastes and offer a fantastic opportunity to get to know the locals if you move here. The Horse & Trumpet is aimed more towards those looking for entertainment, The Free Trade Inn is one of the oldest buildings in Sileby and is aimed mainly at those looking to go for a drink with friends. The White Swan is for those who want a great meal in a restaurant setting.

If you enjoy snooker, pool and long-alley skittles, The Conservative Club is great for you! The club is a great venue for live acts and holds regular bingo sessions. More recently it has also become known for becoming the club house for Sileby Vikings (The local rugby team) who return to the club after home matches to socialise with the opposition. If you enjoy sports, there’s plenty of choice in this active village.

For those who love to have a takeaway on a Friday night, there’s a multitude of choices including a chip shop, Chinese and pizzeria.

Looking to buy or sell in Sileby?

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