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Estate Agent Glenfield

Estate Agents in Glenfield

Open House Leicester estate agents Glenfield and we are here to help those looking to sell their house in the local Leicestershire area. With an extensive knowledge of Glenfield, as well as a wealth of marketing strategies to ensure the successful sale of a property in this area, we can offer sellers and buyers with experienced and bespoke assistance.

If you’re considering moving into Glenfield, we’ve compiled some helpful information on the area to help you make an informed decision about your move. After all, moving house is a big decision and it’s important you know enough about the area before going ahead with anything.

Glenfield is a quaint village in the civil parish of Glenfield in the Blaby district of Leicestershire. Its location is at the northwestern fringe of the city of Leicester, effectively making it a suburb, although it is politically and administratively separate. Glenfield is only 3 miles away from Leicester, and 1.5 miles from the Beaumont Leys Shopping Centre.

The village is direct to the west of Leicester and is just off junction 21A of the M1 motorway. If you’re looking for a peaceful place to live that also offers great commuting routes and lots of potential work nearby, this is the perfect village for you.

Glenfield is also the home of Leicestershire County Council, as well as Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service. It also gives its name to Glenfield Hospital, although the hospital is actually across the city border in Leicester.

Make a Home in Glenfield

There is a big sense of community in Glenfield. This is most likely due to the fantastic Square. This is where you can find St Peter’s Church (CofE), the church hall, the ruins of the former church, the Methodist Church and Hall and the public library, perfect for students needing some quiet time to study (and even offers generous internet access!)

There is also a scout hut, playground and local Glenfield Primary School, with the local nursery school located on Stamford Street. If you have young children and you are considering moving to Glenfield, this will come as fantastic news.

Close to the school is Fraire Road, known for a row of useful shops that are situated there.

Adding to the community feel of this lovely village is the local village newspaper, the Glenfield Gazette. This newspaper reports on local activity and helps the community come together to share interesting stories and events that happen in and around the village.

If you are a fan of taking walks in parks or engaging in sporting activities, there are a selection of parks and playing fields in Glenfield. For example, there is Ellis Park, Station Park and the Playing Fields. Also, close to the A50 and the boundary with Groby is the “Millennium Green”. This is an area of land that is managed by the local trust.

If you are a landlord looking to advertise a property in Glenfield and need a unique angle to advertise your properties, why not mention to buyers the Gynsills Nature Area?  This is a small yet beautiful area of trees and a pond, promoting biodiversity and nature conservation.

There is a selection of local and useful facilities in Glenfield, such as the large Co-Op Superstore which offers locals with a petrol station and a pharmacy. There are also other shops nearby, perfect for if you’re running a few errands. If you’re a fan of getting prime cuts of meat from a quality butcher, you’ll be pleased to know The Square has a butchers shop.

There are a variety of pubs, take-away, restaurants and hotels in the Glenfield area. There are Chinese, Pizza and Fish and Chip takeaways, and Indian restaurants in the village. If you and your family are fans of grabbing a takeaway on a Friday night, you’ll simply be spoilt for choice in Glenfield!

Letting Agent Glenfield

Are you interested in making the move to Glenfield, or perhaps you’re looking at letting some properties in this area? If so, Open House Leicester can help you. Just contact a member of our team today and we’ll be able to answer any property related questions you have about the Glenfield area.

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