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Estate Agent Knighton

Estate Agent Knighton

This is a great suburban area in Leicester that provides a wonderful environment for first-time homeowners, as well as people who are looking to move for the second or third time. With a great community feel, plenty of amenities nearby and wonderful houses of all kinds to choose from, Knighton in Leicester makes for a fantastic area for all kinds of families.

Situated perfectly between Clarendon Park and Stoneygate, Knighton is located nice and close to the city centre for convenience to the locals. This is ideal for weekend shopping trips as well as easy commutes for work. If you’re looking for that perfect life balance where you live close enough to work but not right near it, Knighton is the ideal choice.

Knighton still retains some of the original buildings from many years ago, giving this suburban area fantastic charm and presence. If you’re looking for a quiet, accommodating and attractive place to live that offers great public transport routes and a wonderful community feel, Knighton in Leicester is the perfect location for you.

With a natural peacefulness and great heritage, Knighton is a perfect location for families. Enjoy a stroll through Knighton Park on a nice summer day and, if you have children, you can take them to the fun and safe play areas nearby.

Letting Your Property in Knighton

Since Knighton is such an attractive area, there’s little wonder why so many lovely families and individuals wish to live here. The village is a core conservation area, so if you’re a landlord looking to invest in property in this area, this is a key factor to mention as it makes this already suburb seem so much more attractive to conscious families.

The red brick, semi-detached houses look neat and attractive, making them the perfect option for people who wish to live on a pleasant street with a nice aesthetic and great community feel.

There’s a lovely church in Knighton, as well as Knighton Hall that lies in the centre of the old village. This is the perfect space for social gatherings with the locals and community evenings.

There are some wonderful amenities nearby that make Knighton a great base. For example, the Botanical Gardens are just on the outskirts, whilst plenty of pubs and restaurants are a short drive away.

Knighton is the perfect location for working professionals. Due to its location, there are great public transport options to take you to the city centre, as well as offering an easy drive to work. If you’re looking to buy or sell a property here, you’ll be sure to find it a smooth process!

Move Into Knighton Today

Leicester has been named as one of the greatest cities to live in! This includes all of the quirky and quaint suburbs such as Knighton. If you’ve always been thinking of moving into the Leicester area but you aren’t sure exactly where, why not have a look at available houses in Knighton?

Are you looking to move into the Knighton area, or perhaps you’re interested in investing in property to let in Knighton? If so, get in touch with us at Open House. We can offer expert guidance on the area as well as help you to find the perfect property within Knighton.

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