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A Guide To House Auctions Leicester

In recent news, the government gave estate agents the green light to re-open offices and commence property viewings, following strict social distancing rules to keep the property market moving. 

With this in mind, investors or people in the market for a new home may be wondering what has happened or will happen to popular property auctions.

Whether it’s your very first time using an auction service due to lockdown or you’re a bit of a pro at spotting a property investment, our team at Open House Leicester is up to date with everything you need to know about house auctions in Leicester. 

How Does It All Work?

Have a look at the leading Leicester auctions. They have transformed this typically ‘in person’ event to an online one where bids can be easily submitted by a range of options including telephone, by proxy or over the internet. These routes are entirely secure and confidential so you don’t need to worry about your personal information as it’s hidden away behind closed doors. 

If you’re not quite ready to invest yet, but want to keep an eye on the property market in Leicester, there is also an option to simply browse properties that are currently available. Most online property auctions should show previous auctions that have taken place in recent weeks so you can see how they work.

Buying Or Selling 

This may be your first time attending an auction and even if you had thought about it before, you probably didn’t expect to do it online. The good news is that our team at Open House Leicester can advise you on what to look out for and how to approach auctions if this is something you’re considering. 

There’s no reason why you can’t simply watch as a bystander for the first time or even a few times to get a feel of how it all works as this kind of thing would usually happen at a physical event anyway. 

Alternatively, you may be wishing to list your own property via an online auction and the advice we’ve given above applies just as much here too. Take your time and see how it all works but if there’s anything you’re unsure of, we can help. You may have questions about putting your property up at the right price and what the pros and cons are of auctions. 

Using an online auction can provide security for sellers to help keep the property market moving in Leicester as investors or buyers will always be in attendance ready to seal a deal.

How Can Open House Leicester Help You?

Selling your property or buying a new one can be an overwhelming process but we’re here to ease some of that pressure. We’re also fully up to date with government guidelines on Coronavirus and what this means for the property market so we will advise you in the best way possible, whatever your property situation.

If you have any questions as to how we’re operating during Coronavirus or to find out more about how Open House Leicester can help you with your property needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by either emailing or calling 0116 243 7938.

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