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Our Favourite Ways to Add Value to Your ‘Rental Portfolio’

The higher the value of your rental portfolio, the higher the chances are of your application becoming approved for future property investments and purchases. Ultimately, the trick to this property strategy is to always have a plan for bringing money back into your pot so that you can re-invest it and grow your property portfolio.

In this article, we look through some of the best ways to add value to your rental portfolio with some top tips to ensure your investments grow and stay healthy.

Start with low-risk investments

Whilst it’s a great idea to be ambitious and aim high, you’re going to want to remain sensible and start small. Begin with a small investment, such as a one-bedroom house, then eventually work up to bigger investments once you’ve got the hang of it. Starting small will mean that you’re in a positive financial position and can build your rental portfolio over time, without the risk of financial losses.

However, it’s worth knowing that when buying additional properties, you’ll have to pay stamp duty with a 3% increase in all homes which are valued over £40,000.

Define your demographic

Carrying out market research on the demographics of the area of a potential home will allow you to look at the property requirements of your target market. This might include university access, rental values, and property type. 

Once you have defined your demographic, you’ll be able to establish which areas need renovation or minor work. For example, if your demographic is a young family, then you’ll most likely want to have a three-piece family bathroom suite with a bathtub to suit young children. The demographic will also have a huge factor on your rental income as it will depend on employment status and income.

Investing in your property

An important part of adding value to your rental portfolio is making smart decisions to increase your profit by investing in the property. With the kitchen becoming one of the main parts of any home, it is always one of the best rooms to invest in. Though a brand new kitchen can be particularly expensive, it can add more appeal to renters, which opens your property up to more viewings. As there are many restrictions on what can be done with a rental property, it can be extremely important that the kitchen is aesthetically appealing to your tenants.

After all, if your tenants are happy in their rental property, the more likely they are to stay for a long-term period of time. If you take care of your property and ensure that your tenants are happy, they’ll have more confidence in having you as their landlord.

It’s also important to consider that you need to make a profit from the work carried out on the property, otherwise you’re at risk of making a loss. However, if a home renovation or improvement project is budgeted in the correct way, it can easily pay off, particularly as it gives you the option to increase the rental value of your property. Think of improving your rental property as an investment and not an expense. 

Keep track of your finances

The best way of adding value to your rental portfolio is having the ability to handle your finances well. When it comes to investing in or renovating your properties, it can be difficult to keep track of your finances, particularly if you’re a multi homeowner. If this might sound like you, you’ll most likely benefit from a mobile or desktop app to keep track of your finances.

Landlord Property Buddy aims to make your life simpler with a clean and intuitive dashboard showing your rent, income, expenses, and investments over the year. Available on iPhone and iPad, Landlord Property Buddy offers a free trial and then costs £8.99 monthly.

 Seek help from your local Leicester lettings agency

Seeking help from a lettings agency will mean that you have more free time to focus on new opportunities to add to your rental portfolio.

A lettings agency can even complete thorough tenant checks and handle administration and paperwork on your behalf as well as keeping on top of legal issues and new legislation, so you won’t have to.

A picture can tell a thousand words and setting a good first impression is all down to the pictures on your rental property listing. A lettings agency will take care of the legwork with listing and that the home is properly presented and that the listing uses professional photography.

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