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Estate Agents Leicester: Why you should move here

Estate Agents Leicester: Why you should move here
If you’re looking for a new home, Leicester could be the perfect place for you to move to. Not only is it visually a beautiful city, but there are also so many options for things to do in your own time. In this post, we’re going to explain why it might be worthwhile looking at a move to Leicester instead of elsewhere in the country. In addition, we’re also going to tell you why you might want to consider moving to a new home.
Estate Agents Leicester: Why you should consider moving to a new house
You might not be that bothered about moving to a new house, but there are actually plenty of reasons why it’s the perfect and ideal time for you to move to your fantastic new home. Here, we’re going to tell you why the time is now for you to move to a new property.
Revitalising: Although the actual process of moving to a new house is particularly stressful, it is well worth it once the move is concluded. Whilst you might be happy in the home you’re currently living it, it can be very easy to slip into a lazy lifestyle, and it only takes a couple of years for something to start feeling ‘everyday’. By moving to a new house, it’s a new challenge and adventure for you and your family. You get to meet new groups of people, you get to explore a whole new city, and you get to make a new house your home. Once you’ve completed the move, there are few things more exciting than making your new property something that best suits you.
Fresh start: As we briefly mentioned in the last point, everyone needs to have a fresh start once in a while, and it’s hard to have a fresh start whilst you’re stuck in the same, old house, in the same, old area. No matter where you move to, you’re going to have a range of fantastic experiences that you’ve possibly never had before; it’s too big an opportunity for you to miss out on!
Estate Agents Leicester: Why you should move to Leicester
Well, if you’re moving to a new house you could move anywhere in the country. Why would you want to move to Leicester over all of the other villages, towns and cities in England?
Shopping opportunities: If you’re a shopping enthusiast, Leicester is arguably the best city for you to move to. Although all cities have the high-street shops that we have, Leicester has something that the majority of other cities don’t: a recently-developed £350 million shopping centre. Known as the Highcross Centre, shops galore are contained within. Whether you would like to visit the flagship John Lewis, or a shop selling local delicacies, there’s something for everyone.
University of Leicester: The university contained within the city is undoubtedly one of the must-go-to universities in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1921, students were first admitted the same year. Soon after, the university was granted its Royal Charter, giving it the status of a University with the right to award its own degrees. If you’re planning to go to university yourself, or you have a child who might be considering attending in the near future, the university of Leicester is one of the best options that is available. In fact, the quality of teaching at the university has lead to a plethora of awards.
Scenery: Although you might know Leicester mainly for the fact it is a city, the surroundings are more countryside than city. With so many green land areas to explore within a 20 minute drive of the centre, it’s never too far for you to travel for a picnic or a beautiful weekend walk.

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