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Increase Property Exposure with Open House Estate Agent Leicester

Increase Property Exposure with Open House Leicester

At Open House Estate Agents Leicester, it is our mission to help sellers advertise their homes and get them successfully on the market, with the aim to find genuinely interested buyers. With the housing market being as tough as it is in 2019, it can be hard for house sellers to quickly and easily advertise their property to the buying market.

On average, it can take around 2-3 months for your home to sell if you are advertising it privately. However, this is not always the case and some properties can remain on the market for many years, especially if they are not appropriately advertised and marketed.

However, at Open House, we can help sellers to get their properties seen by a larger market due to the resources we have available to us. If you’re a seller who is struggling to get their property seen by the market and make a sale, we can help.

We advertise properties with some of the main property portals in the UK. Learn more about each of these sites and how we work closely with them to ensure your property gets exposed to the right audience and how you can make a quick sale.

Right Move

Right Move is an incredibly trusted and reliable resource for homeowners looking to buy or rent their next home. We advertise our properties through Right Move to ensure your property is put directly in front of an audience who are genuinely interested in buying or renting.

Right Move is the UK’s largest property portal, allowing homeowners to find their next home and giving sellers a chance to reach a lucrative market. If you choose to sell your home through us, you can rest assured that your property will be seen by thousands.


Zoopla is a fantastic resource for buyers to make better-informed decisions about properties. If you choose to advertise your property through us, we can get your listing on Zoopla and help towards achieving a quicker sale.

Zoopla is a company that is all about transparency and can help homeowners make informed decisions about properties based on the market research, data and local information they provide.

Prime Location

The final property portal we use is Prime Location. Prime Location focuses on helping buyers in the middle and upper-tiers of the market find their next home through specifically tailored lists.

Prime Location gets around 5 million users to the website every month, which means 5 million more people who will be viewing your property whilst it is up for sale. Prime Location is also a part of Zoopla, meaning extra exposure for your property.

Advertise with us Today

If you need to make a quick sale or you’ve been struggling to manage to sell your home independently, we can help. We can give you a free property valuation to get a good figure for how much you should be selling your house, then we can get it advertised on some of the UK’s leading property portals.

Get in touch with us today if you’re interested in letting, selling or buying a home and we can offer you honest and reliable advice to help you get your foot in the property ladder.

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