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Increasing Your House’s Value: Tips for Effective House Valuation in Oadby

Oadby is a well sort after town on the outskirts of Leicester, located in the Oadby and Wigston district. It’s full of character and has all the local amenities you could ask for and outstanding educational facilities. If you want to sell your house in Oadby, you already stand a great chance of having your property snapped up, as it is a trendy location for families. However, there are certain things that you can do to make your property even more desirable. As experts in the local area, we want to share our top tips for enhancing your house’s value in Oadby.


Easy ways to increase your house value

There are some straightforward ways to increase your house value. With little effort, you can add thousands to your valuation and start reeling in prospective buyers. This is our list of easy fixes that can give your property the lift it needs. 

Increasing Your House's Value: Tips for Effective House Valuation in Oadby

A Quick Paint Job

A lick of paint can do wonders to make your house more appealing to buyers. If you have any peeling paint, marks and stains, or a colour that is out of fashion, freshening your walls up is a good idea for you. Buyers typically want to be able to move straight into their new home without worrying about any fixes, so nicely painted rooms are a sure fire way to add value. 


Clean or Replace any Moldy Sealant in your Kitchen or Bathroom

Mould is an absolute nuisance. If you find the sealant in your kitchen and bathroom has become affected by it, you will want to sort it out before your house is valued or any viewers come over. Clean badly affected areas by scrubbing them with a stiff-bristled brush or by reapplying the paste. Lighter patches can be removed using white vinegar and baking soda or a solution of bleach and water. To prevent mould from coming back, keep your room well-ventilated. Mould can seriously bring down the valuation of your house, so don’t forget to treat it.

Increasing Your House's Value: Tips for Effective House Valuation in Oadby

Remove any Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed can more significantly affect your house valuation than you might think. A study by Nottingham Trent University revealed that the infestation of this weed could devalue your house by between 5-15%. In the worst-case scenario, it can even make your home unsellable. If this pesky plant is growing in your garden, you will want to remove it quickly.  The plant can be tricky to remove if allowed to grow for a long time as it’s deep roots spread aggressively. 


Fixing Broken Windows

This can be costly, but it will benefit you in the long run, as having new windows will add to your valuation and give you a better energy rating due to the increased insulation. If all of the windows in your home are single-glazed, you might find selling your property difficult. Replacing them with double-glazed windows will make the property more attractive. Houses with double glazing are abundant, so buyers are much more likely to want to buy one of those rather than a single-glazed property.

Increasing Your House's Value: Tips for Effective House Valuation in Oadby

Add a Built-in Security System

Although you may think this would be expensive, you don’t need to break the bank to add an alarm system to your house. People value security more than ever, so having an alarm system is sure to grab their attention. The convenience of having a security system already in place is sure to boost your property’s value. 

Upgrade your Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

You don’t need to completely gut your kitchen or bathroom and add all new features to make your house more sellable. You can just upgrade your hardware. By changing the handles on your cabinet or replacing your taps, you can give your rooms a new look that will impress buyers. 

Increasing Your House's Value: Tips for Effective House Valuation in Oadby

Larger Projects for a Larger Value

There are many more extensive projects that you should consider if you want to bolster your valuation. These include significant renovations such as adding extensions and outdoor buildings or even splitting your house into flats. These projects take a lot of time, money and effort, but they can pay off big time when it comes to putting your property on the market. 

Oadby is an area that is popular with families. For many multi-generational families, it is a great place to settle due to the access to schools, healthcare, green spaces and plenty of shops.  Adding extra bedrooms to your house is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention. 

The area is also one of Leicester’s rental hotspots, with an ever-growing demand for flats due to its easy commute to the city. This is why it could also be beneficial to split your house into apartments, providing there is enough room.  Many young professionals are on the lookout for a convenient flat; you could tactically cater to this market.


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