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What do people look for in a Leicester property?

What do people look for in a Leicester property?

What do people look for in a Leicester property?

There comes a time for everybody when you desperately want to move to a new property. It’s important not only to think about what you’re looking for in somewhere new but how you what people might be looking for to buy your property.

So, what exactly are people looking for in a Leicester property?



A study by the RAC Foundation found that 71% of British workers travel to work by car and the number is steadily increasing all the time. This means that people with interest in your house are likely to be drivers, making parking an important aspect.

If you have the opportunity to maximise parking space or can show the potential to increase parking space, this may make or break a sale.

Heart of the home

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Since the kitchen is so important to a property, a kitchen that shouts practical, spacious and family friendly is a real selling point.

If people can imagine themselves living and in your kitchen space then you’re onto a winner. Ensuring that there’s plenty of natural light coming into your kitchen is a great selling tip to help people see the potential of your home. Make your Leicester property stand out from the crowd.

Neatly presented

A neatly present house both inside and out is the first thing people What do people look for in a Leicester property?notice in a property. If it’s clutter and unappealing, a lot of people will instantly dismiss it.

An hour of weeding, a lick of paint and hiding the clutter that has built up make a huge difference. If you want to offer more appeal, consider a few plants to brighten the place up, moving that huge armchair in the living room into storage and putting the door handle back on the hall cupboard. People are easily put off by properties that need a lot of work.

 Liveable space

The more visible floor space your property has, the more it appeals. Most people move to a new house because they have literally outgrown their current one, so your property needs to appear spacious.

To maximise floor space, little changes like rearranging furniture and getting rid of anything you don’t need to have out in the open can make a massive difference. For example, if you’re not planning to use your desk before you move to a new house, take it down! This frees up plenty of room and makes the space significantly bigger to the eye. It’s the little things that can make the difference when we complete your free Leicester property valuation.


Before you put your Leicester property on the market, it is important you consider how to make the best of your property. We would not recommend big changes such as renovations or redecoration as most of the time a little turns out to be a lot. House prices in Leicester are constantly changing, but it is important that you do what you can to ensure you get the best-selling price.

Do your research, keep an eye on local news, look at other properties in the area and talk to us at Open House Leicester – we’re more than happy to help you on all aspects of selling your home. Call 0116 243 7938 or email

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