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Pricing Your Leicester Property

Getting the price for your property right is probably the most important factor in ensuring a prompt sale. Setting a price that is too high will deter buyers and drag out the process of getting your house sold – not necessarily a problem if you have all the time in the world but if you need to keep the momentum going then a realistic price will help.

Early interest in your house is vital

A new house on the market is always of immediate interest to buyers so it is important that you appeal instantly and your price is an immediate indicator of how attractive the property is. Price it too high and it can put off potential viewers but a price that is too low can also set alarm bells ringing.

Professional advice from someone who knows your local market is invaluable in pricing your property and ensuring that you get a good deal in good time.

Valuing your Leicester property – the inside track

If you have ever experienced the disappointment that comes from having to drop the price of your house it is useful to understand why this has happened.

Perhaps you and your estate agent have just been over-optimistic. But a good estate agent really should have great local knowledge and ought to be able to help you pitch your price at an attractive level.

More likely, you have initially spoken with a Valuer from the estate agent who is rewarded on their ability to bring in your business – not on a requirement to be able to sell your house. An easy trick in this case is to tempt you in with a valuation that, ultimately, does not reflect an attractive yet realistic market price. The result is that you wait an awfully long time to NOT achieve a sale. Hardly a great outcome for you.

So what should you do?

You’ll get the best result from combining your own research into what is actually happening in the market with professional advice from someone who is going to be involved in actively selling your property. It’s in their interest to ensure that you get off to a flying start. Our three top tips are:

1. Use popular property portals such as Zoopla and Rightmove to see what other properties are on the market at – but remember that these prices will always be open to negotiation so don’t take them too literally.

2. Compare like with like – this applies to the property itself and also to the attractiveness of the local area and amenities.

3. Check with a trusted estate agent who knows your local area and who will be the person responsible for making sure your house gets sold.

If you are aiming to sell a property in Leicester, then we are happy to give you a free valuation, provided by a dedicated Personal Agent who would be with you throughout the sales process from start to finish. Contact us today to see how we can help on 0116 243 7938.

Top tips to sell your property

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