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Sell your Leicester home this summer

Sell your Leicester home this summer

There’s a lot of benefits to putting your Leicester home on the market this summer. From the additional daylight hours to the gorgeous weather the UK is currently experiencing, there’s never been a better time to put your Leicester home on the property market and showcase your property.

In the summer months people are typically more motivated than during the dark and cold winter months, that covers anything from popping out for the weekly shop to buying a house! With the return of long sunny days, holiday days and the kids on school holidays, more people will be out exploring the local area.

Plus, one of the quickest ways to boost the value of your Leicester home is to increase its curb appeal, which peaks in the summertime. After all, what home doesn’t look more attractive when the trees are green, flowers are blooming, and the lawn is lush and full?


Our top tips to sell your Leicester home this summer:

Let the Light In

It’s crucial to maintain a good level of lighting in your home to make the space feel inviting – the summer is the best time for natural light, so make sure all blinds and curtains are wide open.

Make the most of the light by removing heavy curtains and blinds, which can make your rooms seem smaller and dark. If you keep blinds up, make sure they are pulled all the way up and use tie-backs to keep lightweight curtains out of the way.

Show Off Your Garden LivingSell your Leicester home this summer

Tempt buyers with an enticing lifestyle by showing off your outside spaces to their best effect. Garden furniture, fire pits and barbecues can all demonstrate the additional summer entertaining and living space on offer. In the summer months your outside space really is an additional living space.

Many buyers in Leicester will have this as a top consideration, especially those with young children. So, whether you’ve got a huge garden or a relatively small one, make sure the buyers knows about it and can see the benefits of it immediately.  Lets just hope this British heatwave is here to stay!

Create Space

People have come to look at your home, so they’ll be considering the size and where they will fit their things. This is likely to lead to them looking in big storage places. If you have stuffed rubbish into them in a scramble to tidy the house before they arrive then this will give off a bad impression.

Find a new place to store the kids bikes and scooters and take the cushions for the outside seat out of the utility room. It’s little things like this that really do make all the difference.


Summer is a great time of year to get your Leicester home on the property market before the dark winter months make a reappearance. Talk to one of our property managers today to find out how Open House Leicester can help you when looking to sell your property in and around Leicester. Call 0116 243 7938 or email

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