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Selling your house tips: estate agent Evington

Selling your house tips: estate agent Evington

Selling your home is scary, regardless of whether you’ve done it before or not. If you haven’t, you likely have no idea what you have to do; if you have, you might have a rough idea of what you need to do. Regardless of which it is, if you need help we’re more than happy to help you.

In this blog post, we’re offering some of our key tips for ensuring that you sell your house quickly, effectively, and for the best possible price.

Estate agent Evington: Choose the right estate agent

As you’ve probably already gathered, selling your home is a stressful affair, and it’s very difficult to do it all yourself without any assistance. That’s where your estate agent comes in.

Fortunately, it’s often easier to find the perfect estate agent for you than you might first imagine. Simply looking online, or reading blog posts like this, can help you to find the ideal estate agent for you and your property.

When choosing your agent, there’s also one other big factor that you should definitely consider before you make your final decision on who you want to sell your property. You should consider where your chosen estate agent primarily does business. If you’re trusting somebody to sell your home for you, it’s important for you to make sure that they have a knowledge of the area that your home is in. If you choose an estate agent who doesn’t have any knowledge of the area that your home is in, how can you expect them to be able to effectively sell the property you have?

Estate agent Evington: pay attention to kerb appeal

Obviously, you need to make sure that the inside of your property is right before you have people coming to view your property. However, you need to make sure that externally your property is appealing, too. If it isn’t, you might find that there isn’t much interest in your property when it goes on the market.

A potential buyer can be put off easily before they even enter your home if your home doesn’t look presentable on the outside. You want to make sure that potential viewers are already impressed with the property before they come inside.

Getting your home right externally isn’t actually too difficult. Simply tidying up the place or a lick of paint for your front door can make all of the difference; perhaps you could add some colour with a few potted plants.

Estate agent Evington: Ensure viewers don’t feel under pressure

One of the worst things that you can do when people are viewing your home is get in the way, making them feel uncomfortable.

Letting those viewing your property freely wonder around your property can make them feel much more comfortable, as well as encourage them to make an offer if they like the property enough. If you’re getting in their way, you might put them off the property regardless of how much they actually like it.

Estate agent Evington: Living in Evington

Evington is an Electoral ward and administrative division of the city of Leicester, although it did used to be a small village.

With a population of only 11,133 according to a 2011 census, Evington offers a fairly quiet life to juxtapose that of the busy city lifestyle.

Evington is gorgeous, and if you chose to live here there’s so much to enjoy and take part in. Locations such as Village Green, Evington Park, Arboretum, The Hollow, and St Denys Church are all beautiful locations that you can visit.

Despite being a relatively small location, you will find everything you need in Evington to live well. Two big shopping centres mean that you have all the shops you could want, and a large range of local schools, both primary and secondary, mean there’s somewhere local for your child to go to school.


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