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The 2019 Summer Rental Market: Top Tips for Leicester Landlords

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As the summer slowly approaches it’ll cause things to heat up, and this includes the rental market! There was speculation that Brexit would affect Leicester lettings, however, it still remains a thriving market full of opportunity for both landlords looking for great occupants, and tenants looking for the perfect rental property. In fact, Leicester is considered one of the top buy-to-let hotspots in the UK! 

Often, we see a huge increase in the demand for rented properties in the summer. This is due to parents looking to move closer to schools and their catchment areas, ready for the new term to start. The summer is also a perfect time for families to relocate due to the school holidays. Students starting university in Leicester will now also be looking for affordable rented accommodation, so it’s important to make sure you’re ready. 

With peak letting season upon us, it’s important that Leicester landlords are prepared to take advantage and capitalise on the seasonal increase in demand for rented properties in and around the Leicester area. Open House have compiled some top tips to help landlords capitalise on their Leicester lettings.

It’s Time to Assess your Properties Garden

Perhaps one of the most obvious places to start when evaluating your property for summer is the garden. With the increasing demand for rented properties over the summer months, landlords will be having more and more viewings for their Leicester lettings.

With the weather showing promise for more sun, tenants will feel more inclined to check out the garden. If you make sure it is looking presentable, you’ll be far more likely to be shaking hands with your new tenants sooner than you’d anticipated.

Not sure where to start? Here are some simple yet effective things you can do to make sure your properties garden is summer ready

  • Cut the grass
  • Clear dead leaves and weeds
  • Plant a few flowers
  • Ensure any damage is repaired, eg broken fence panels
  • Clean the patio

A rented property with a nice garden will be far more likely to experience popularity and demand with tenants. So, if your property has a garden, don’t forget to show it some TLC before advertising your property. 

Line up Renovation Projects for Summer

The summer is actually the perfect time to start on some renovation projects! You may be thinking working on renovation will be disruptive to your tenants, however, you should consider if your tenants are going on holiday. 

If your tenants are taking their family away on a nice break this summer, it can be the perfect time to get to work on maintenance and repairs of the property. There’s plenty of things you can do during your tenant’s vacation, such as:

  • Give the walls a fresh lick of paint
  • Fix any plumbing issues
  • Repair the light fixtures/replace bulbs for more energy efficient options
  • Clean stains from the carpets
  • Repair any damage caused by damp
  • Garden repair and maintenance

Some of these jobs can get in the way of your tenants, so it’s always best to plan them around their holidays. With families more likely to book holidays for the summer months, it can be the perfect opportunity for landlords to update their Leicester lettings. 

Certain jobs are far easier to perform in the summer when the days are longer and lighter, providing the perfect conditions for productivity. For example, window repairs or replacements and other forms of exterior work are far easier to be carried out in the summer. 

Consider Short Lets for Extra Income

Have you ever considered advertising your Leicester lettings for short term renting? Leicester is a thriving city, bustling with amenities, heritage and a world-famous football team that attracts millions of visitors every year.

If you’re looking to increase your revenue this summer, why not advertise your property for tenants looking for short term letting solutions over the summer? Popular with young professionals who have a summer internship or people who are staying in Leicester for the summer months, this can be a great way to get some extra income. 

Short term lettings consist of lettings that are anything less than 6 months. Therefore you can decide exactly how long or how little you wish to have your property available as a short term letting option for tenants. 

Get your Property on Popular Listings

As we’ve established, there will be a lot of competition when it comes to Leicester lettings in the summer months. This means it’s important to get your property the exposure it needs in order to attract tenants over the summer months.

If you choose to advertise your rental property with Open House, we can ensure a quicker transaction than average. With our large network, we can help you advertise your rental property to thousands of potential tenants.

Simply get in touch with us here at Open House to see how we can help you with your Leicester lettings. With years of experience in the letting industry and knowledge on the Leicester market, we can help you successfully advertise your property. 

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