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Accompanied Viewings

In our first video blog discussing questions to ask your estate agent, we touched on accompanied viewings. This article goes into more detail on the importance of accompanied viewings and how they should be carried out.

Video: What is an Accompanied Viewing?

There’s no point having a “door opener” conduct the viewings

In the high street agency model, most agents will employ someone just to let people view properties. These individuals are known as the “door openers”, because all they really do is go from house to house with a set of keys and let people in to have a look by themselves. If the viewer has any questions about the property or wants to talk about a potential offer, then they will be asked to speak to someone in the office and the “door opener” has no knowledge of the property, the seller’s position and has no authority to discuss anything further.

Make sure the office staff know your house before showing it to others

It might be the case that the office staff you speak to on a regular basis are going to be carrying out the accompanied viewings. This would be far better for a seller as there is already a relationship between the two and the staff member will have a better knowledge of a seller’s circumstances. The main thing to watch out for here is that the staff member should have viewed the house and had an in-depth tour of the property before showing it to potential buyers. It wouldn’t look great to a buyer if your estate agent didn’t know where the meter boxes were for example…

Open House Estate Agents Accompanied viewings

The Open House Leicester approach to accompanied viewings

With Open House Estate Agents Leicester, every client deals with just one point of contact from the initial valuation right through to completion of the sale. This means that it is your dedicated personal agent that will be showing viewers around your house, the same agent that has actually valued your house, knows you and your situation and can answer any questions on the viewing – and very possibly even secure a sale on the viewing itself!

For more information on how we help to secure a buyer for our clients and further advice on the viewing process, stay tuned to our website, download our free Ebook on the top tips to sell your house and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative tips.

Or contact us on 0116 243 7938 to see how we can help you sell your house.

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