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Sell your house FAST with an Open House Block Viewing

Sell Your House Fast

Most motivated sellers would prefer to sell quickly, but at the same time achieve as best a price as possible for their house. There are several ways of carrying out viewings, whether it be the vendor doing their own viewings, having the agent offer individual accompanied viewings to potential buyers, or carrying out an Open House block viewing. It really depends on the type of property and the potential market for that house.

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Create a buzz with an Open House event to sell your house

At an Open House viewing, many potential buyers are invited to view the property at the same time. The benefit here to a seller is that the viewers know that they are not the only interested party and if they do not act quickly and seriously, then this property is very likely to sell to another viewer. There is a feeling of competition amongst all the viewers and this is what makes people take the block viewing seriously and make an offer.

Will your house in Leicester benefit from an Open House event?

Many vendors who have struggled to sell their house with an estate agent over a period of time ask us the question “will you do an Open Day for our house?”  The answer here is NO. When a property has already been on the market for an extended period of time then the majority of the searching market will have already seen the house online and may have already booked in a viewing.

If your house is a high value property, for example £500,000 upwards in Leicester, then again it is unlikely to benefit from a block viewing as very few buyers are in that affordability bracket, so such a house would take a long time to sell.

Open House Block Viewing


What is the best type of property that will sell fast with an Open House block viewing?

The typical house that we would recommend carrying out an Open House event on is something that is brand new to the market, in a great condition and attractively priced between the £90k to £150k bracket. Such a property would be of interest to investors as well as first time buyers, therefore eliminating the possibility of downward chains, thus getting the job done faster for our vendors.

We have sold houses on the very first viewing with an Open House event

Here at Open House Estate Agents in Leicester, we know that you want to sell your house fast. We have had great success with selling houses on the very first viewing, as we know what property will benefit from such an event, and we are experts in negotiating the best offer from buyers.

If you would like to benefit from such a service, give us a call 0116 243 7938. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and download our FREE eBook offering you more top tips on how you can sell your property.

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