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Changes to make before you put your Rothley home on the market

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Before you put your Rothley home on the market, you’ll be considering how to make it the best it can be (within reason) before opening it for viewing and therefore selling. We would not recommend big changes like complete renovation or redecoration as most the time a little turns out to be a lot. Here’s our changes that we think are necessary before placing your Rothley home on the market.


Do you have flowers or plants outside or inside your home? If not, this is an addition we would profusely recommend. Flowers and plants are going to add colour to your garden and interior which will make your home more welcoming to potential buyers. It is a tell-tale sign that someone cares if they have well-maintained plants and flowers; Of course, this is the impression that you want to give to potential viewers and buyers.


Is there anything that’s more of an eyesore than an overgrown garden? It will not take you more than 10 minutes to maintain your garden once you have it to a good standard so you should make sure to keep It this way. Potential buyers may have a look at the house a few days before they’re due to view the interior and an unkempt garden will be a huge disappointment to them, most likely putting them off the property altogether.


Once they’re past your (hopefully fine) garden, the next thing they’re going to see is the exterior of your house. This means that if your door has paint peeling off and your windows are disgustingly dirty, the person looking will be put off. Just spending an hour or so cleaning the exterior and perhaps giving your door a lick of paint will do wonders to your property overall.


Once they’re inside, it’s important that the first room they walk into appears to be spacious. Of course, it is already too late for a first impression of your home overall as they’re seen your garden but this is their first impression of the interior. This means that you should try to make sure that this room especially is spacious, neutral and clean. An untidy, cluttered room will leave an unshakable impression throughout the rest of the viewing.


Vileda found that 70% of people will look at the ceilings of the house. This means making sure you’ve done basic spring cleaning like getting rid of cobwebs but also checked for water stains. There’ll be nothing more off-putting than signs of previous or potential leaks. Giving the ceiling a swift lick of paint might seem like the best option but resolving the leak issue if you haven’t already done so is important.


Linking into the previous point about clutter, you should make sure that counters in the bathroom, kitchen etcetera are all empty or only holding essentials. Overloaded counters not only give a bad first impression on you but makes the room appear small and claustrophobic. This will put off potential buyers as room is one of the main essentials to any home buyer.

That sixth point rounds off our list of changes to make before you put your Rothley property onto the market. Have we missed anything that you’d say is crucial? Let us know! We’d also encourage sharing on social media to help potential friends who may be moving into or selling a home.

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