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Top tips for making your Hamilton home viewer-ready

Top tips for making your Hamilton home viewer-ready

Top tips for making your Hamilton home viewer-ready

Would you buy a house if it had problems like clutter and dirty windows? We thought not! Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of top tips for making sure your Hamilton home is ready to impress. A lot of these we’ve picked up from showing other potential buyers round properties and picked up on their reactions.

  1. First, make sure that your home smells nice. There’s nothing worse than going to somebody’s house and having to put up with a bad smell. As the owner you might not notice it any more, but viewers certainly do! When you’re getting your property ready to be viewed by potential buyers, you need to make sure that it doesn’t have an unpleasant smell. If you’re not sure if there is a smell or not, you can always just make sure that you’ve cleaned well. Try brewing a fresh cup of coffee, lighting a couple of candles before they arrive and spritzing your home.
  2. Arguably the most important thing is making sure that your front garden is organised and appealing. To get into your house, potential buyers are at least going to see your front garden if not go into it. If it’s weedy and unkempt, this is going to give a bad first impression of your home. If you think from the buyer’s perspective it is easy to understand why: If the outside is like this when all of Hamilton sees it, what is the inside going to be like? This means that you just need to make sure your garden is tidy whilst selling your house. It doesn’t have to be anything impressive.
  3. People have come to look at your home, so they’ll be How to sell your Leicester home fastconsidering the size and where they will fit their things. This is likely to lead to them looking in big storage places. If you have stuffed rubbish into them in a scramble to tidy the house before they arrive then this will give off a bad impression.
  4. Next, this one is rather obvious but general cleaning is necessary. This means basic cleaning in the bathroom, kitchen and living areas. Just living at the house this should be a minimum requirement for you, not something that’s important because you have a viewing. Little things like making sure to clean to toilet and wipe down the kitchen surfaces can make a big difference to your home. Make sure that you’ve also repaired anything minor as this may catch somebody’s eye. In addition to this make sure to declutter. Clutter is just going to make your rooms look smaller, therefore reducing the value of your property in the eyes of the buyer. Despite decluttering, don’t take away the ‘personality’ of the room. You don’t want people to think you’re just selling a hotel room!
  5. Something crucial to remember is that your pets can be problematic, even if they’re your best friend! You may adore your pets but potential buyers could be scared or even allergic to them. Obviously, this will massively put off anybody so it’s best to make sure that your pets and their beds, litter trays etc are out of the way, perhaps with a neighbour or friend.

To conclude, make sure to have bright but warm lighting. If your lighting is dim and old-fashioned, this will cause people to think that you haven’t updated your home in a while which is a negative as they will wonder what else you’ve left instead of updating. Bright lights, if they’re warm, will be a great feature to your Hamilton home.

So that’s our top tips for getting your Hamilton property in tip top shape for viewing. Do you think that we’ve missed anything crucial? Let us know!


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