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Why you need an honest valuation of your Mountsorrel property

Why you need an honest valuation of your Mountsorrel property

Why you need an honest valuation of your Mountsorrel property

Getting your property valued is important for many reasons, it’s the first step to putting your current property on the market but possibly more importantly, you get to fully understand how much your property is worth. Without having a clear understanding of how much your property is worth or clear understanding of the local market, you will struggle to make any progress.

An accurate property valuation is incredibly important when trying to sell your Mountsorrel Property. When an estate agent puts together a valuation for you, the estate agent takes into account the house prices of recent sales in that area, as well as the general attractiveness of the neighbourhood including the local amenities around the property.

For the valuation to be fair, your house will be compared with similar properties in your area. It should fall in line with general house prices for the area. The desirability of your neighbourhood, demand for your area and location relative to amenities will all help to boost your valuation.
Once you obtain the valuation, you are well on your way to acquiring a mortgage and the property you desire.

Why honesty counts?Why you need an honest valuation of your Mountsorrel property

If your property is significantly over valued it can have a big impact on selling your home. One of the most important aspects of selling a property is setting the correct asking price right at the beginning. Over value your property and it simply won’t move.

Setting an inflated asking figure can often damage the prospects of achieving market value as the most likely buyers are frightened away by the asking price. When people are looking for a property they typically use tools such as Zoopla, On the market and Rightmove to get an idea of the local property market and gage what they can afford. If your property is not in their price bracket but possibly should be then it will be disregarded.

Getting the value correct is essential, especially at the start of the process when interest is at its greatest. Houses with accurate valuations are 7 times more likely to sell quickly than property with overinflated asking prices.  Just think, would you be looking at properties that were out of your budget?

Mountsorrel property valuation

At Open House Leicester we provide accurate and up to date property valuations, providing you with accurate suggesting selling prices for the Mountsorrel area. As a seller, it is easy to accept lavish praise about your property and a higher valuation by a confident agent, but it is more important to receive an accurate valuation based on the current property market. Plus, a high asking price may take months or even years to sell your home.


At Open House Leicester we offer free property valuations, so if you want to find out how much your home is worth, talk to us today. Call 0116 243 7938 or email


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