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Estate agents Leicester: 5 tips to get your home market-ready

Estate agents Leicester: 5 tips to get your home market-ready

No matter whether your property is upmarket, chic and modern or standard, dated and a classic, it’s important that you do all you can to make it as appealing as possible before you put it on the market. No matter the specifics of your property, there’s a few things that every house needs to make it stand out to those who are looking to buy property from estate agents Leicester. Here’s 5 changes that you should make to your property, inside and out, to demonstrate its best qualities to buyers.

Top 5 value adding home improvements

Estate agents Leicester tip #1: Utilise flowers and plants

Eye-catching colours on a budget that suggest the property has some personality? A massive plus! If you have flowers or plants outside your home, it’s also a tell-tale sign that the property is well-maintained, despite the fact they’re technically not even part of the property. Not only do the flowers and plants add an eye-catching finish to your property, they’re welcoming due to their vivid vibrancy. Of course, all of these factors make this cheap addition to your household a key component when you’re trying to make it as presentable as possible to win over buyers.

Estate agents Leicester tip #2: Maintain your garden

Considering it’s likely that potential buyers will see your home externally before they see inside, ensuring that all the space outside you have control over is shipshape is obviously important. For example, maintaining your garden. As this is something that you can do yourself for free in as little as 10 minutes a week, it’s not too much of an ask to make sure that you’re keeping your garden tidy and appealing. Also, keep in mind that potential buyers might pop round a few days before their viewing to see what they think to the property. Nobody is likely to want to view a property that looks deserted – sort out your garden!

Estate agents Leicester tip #3: Clean windows and doors, repaint if necessary

Other than your garden, there’s a few other important things that you need to get right externally, namely windows and doors. Whilst these might not seem like the first two features that you’d sort out when there’s probably a host of areas in the house that could do with improvement, they’re important; dirty windows and peeling paint on doors is enough to knock down the price of your property. It’s not as if sorting both will cost too much – you can clean and repaint yourself!

Estate agents Leicester tip #4: Declutter

Finally – the person viewing your property would now be through the door at this point! And if the first feeling they experience is a sense of claustrophobia, something is wrong. Thankfully, this issue is easily solved. By decluttering your property in every room, all rooms in your house can appear so much more spacious. No matter whether your rooms are large or small, decluttering can make them seem much bigger than they actually are. Of course, if they perceive the space as bigger, they’re more likely to be interested in moving the process forward into the stages where they hold a serious interest.

Estate agents Leicester tip #5: Check ceilings

Despite concluding our list of tips, this is possibly one of the most important of the lot. Research shows that 70% of people will look at the ceilings of a house that they’re looking around. This means that if your ceilings are littered with cobwebs and water stains, it can be more of a detriment to your property than it initially appears. Whilst cobwebs can’t be helped and are simply unappealing, signs of water damage due to existing or previous damage can raise issues with the structural aspects of the property. However, a swift lick of paint can solve all your issues if you’ve resolved the situation in terms of any damage.


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