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How long does it take to sell your home in Leicester?

How long does a Leicester home take to sell

How long does it take to sell your home in Leicester?

Unfortunately, there’s no exact science to selling a property. If only there was some sort of method to work out how long it takes to sell your home, for example, 3 bedrooms = 5 weeks, within 1 km of an Ofsted rated outstanding school = 3weeks. However, the fact is, some properties sell in a blink of an eye, while others can many more weeks, no matter how well it is presented or local amenities nearby.


Typically, there’s 3 main factors that affect how long it takes to sell your Leicester property and they are, location, property condition and the price you seek. All 4 factors can help to increase how long it takes to sell your property in Leicester, however, if the more your property has to offer potential buyers the faster it is likely to sell.

Leicester Location, Location, Location

Unfortunately, the location is the one thing you can not alter or change and yet it is one of the most crucial factors. The desirability of your geographical location is based on the local community and their bias to a certain area or the local amenities. The more desirable your neighbourhood is, the faster it’ll sell and the more money you will receive. Luckily for us, Leicester is filled with lots of sought-after areas!


The property conditionHow long does a Leicester home take to sell

Typically, buyers want to purchase properties that are ready to move into or only require small cosmetic alterations. Buyers don’t want to purchase a Leicester property that resembles a building site or will cost a considerable amount to make a home.

Most buyers will always visualise themselves living in a property, so a poorly-maintained and home will take considerably longer to sell.


The price you seek

An overpriced property will unquestionably take longer if not forever to sell, whereas a lower priced property will attract more buyers and take you less time to sell. It really is that simple.


When determining the asking price of your home, ensure the final decision accurately depicts the current market value of the property. Houses that appear more affordable or are an accurate representation of the current housing market will appeal to a wider market.



In Leicester, it currently takes on average 8 weeks to sell a property, this is taking all considerations, from location, to size and condition. However, depending on the current demand for your property type, numbers can vary, of course.


The truth is, that one size does not fit all and often there is no logical explanation to why a listed property did or did not sell at all. Experienced property sellers and buyers will tell you it’s all about the right property at the right time. No Leicester property is guaranteed In a certain amount of time, it is purely down to popular trends within the local area.


If you’re looking for a Leicester estate agent with many years of experience in marketing properties with a record of selling houses swiftly? Get in touch with Open House Leicester today using either 0116 243 7938 or and we’ll discuss how we can help sell your Leicester house fast.

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