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Main motivators and barriers for Leicester property buyers

Main motivators and barriers for Leicester property buyers

Main motivators and barriers for Leicester property buyers

Understanding people’s motivation to move is not always straight forwards. There’s a whole host of reasons why someone can choose to move in and around Leicester, from a growing family and a desperate need for space to needing to find a property that works for their needs.


Main motivators to move in Leicester

Find a home that work for their family – All too often people are looking for the perfect family home. From finding a perfect and affordable family home to a property that has enough room for an ever-growing family. There’s no definition for the perfect family home in Leicester, as it purely depends on personal choice.

School catchment area – For the opportunity for a place at a good or outstanding school, many parents will try to buy a property within a popular Leicester schools catchment area. These properties have a lot more competition, and don’t often appear on the market. So, if you’re thinking about putting your Leicester home on the market and it is near a good school, you stand in good stead of a quick sale.

Downsizing – For many people, they get to certain age and realise that the Leicester property they currently have is now too big to manage. In 2016 downsizing was the main driver for the majority of those people moving in Leicester aged over 65, with one in two moves made for this reason.


Barriers to moving in Leicester

It is important to remember that even though you want to move, Main motivators and barriers for Leicester property buyersthere’s a large Leicester population that’s settled in their current property. However, there’s two main factors that re preventing people in the Leicester area from moving to a new house, even if they want to!

Stress – a lot of people find the selling process very stressful and simply avoid it where necessary. At Open House Leicester we support you through the entire process, from your initial enquiry to handing over the keys. Our team do everything possible to take the stress away, leaving you to live your life.

Not enough budget – More often we are finding that people in Leicester choose not to move as their budget does not meet their expectation. As property prices have continued to increase and wages remaining the same, many people are deciding to make do or extend their property as they cannot afford to buy a Leicester property with more space.


Whilst you can’t do much to get an unsure buyers through your door, make sure your property is welcoming and appealing to those motivated buyers looking to buy a new property. After all, getting people to view your property is often the hardest part of selling.

At Open House Leicester we’re on hand to help you out at every stage of the process, after all it is only natural to have a few concerns along the way. From our initial property valuation to handing over the keys, we’re here to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Open House Leicester will guide you through every step of the process.


If you’re looking for a Leicester estate agent with many years of experience in marketing properties with a record of selling houses swiftly? Get in touch with Open House Leicester today using either 0116 243 7938 or and we’ll discuss how we can help sell your Leicester house fast.

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