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4 Home Security Features Leicester Buyers Need


4 Home Security Features Leicester Buyers Need

Creating a safe and secure home should be at the heart of any property especially as the days becoming darker and the nights longer.  In the UK alone, it is estimated that a burglary happens every 40 seconds, with thefts surging by 38% following the clocks going back and the onset of the darker evenings.

As October is National Home Security Month, it is important to be aware of the security features prospective buyers look for in a new home.  Some of these points are noted subconsciously, especially if they are already security conscious in their current homes, but they really do make a big difference when trying to sell your home.

Here are the 4 most common security features prospective buyers look for:

  1. Burglar alarm

A burglar alarm is top of the list when prospective buyers are looking at your homes security features. Subconsciously people notice alarm control panels, door and window sensors and room motion sensors when looking around a house.

These features make buyers feel safer in a property and a sense of security is often one of the main aspects that make people want to buy a property. A sense of safety in a home is increasingly becoming more and more of a requirement.


  1. Secure doors and windows

Doors and windows are the main target for any burglar, so it is important for buyers to see secure doors and windows on any home. A lot of security savvy buyers will be able to recognise secure anti-snap locks which prevent door locks from being removed.

It is also important to be savvy with window locks. An unlocked window to a burglar is exactly the same as an unlocked door. Having windows that don’t have a lock is a huge security issue and something that may concern buyers.


  1. Double glazing

Double glazing does more than you realise. Asides from the reducing external noise and help to keep heat in your home, double glazing is also a deterrent for Burglars. It is incredibly difficult to remove double glazing from the outside of a property, which makes it an all-round great security feature.


  1. Outdoor lights

As well looking aesthetically pleasing, outdoor lighting also serves as an added safety feature for your home. There’s a whole array of outdoor lighting on the market, but motion-sensor lights turn on automatically whenever there is movement outside your home are a great option for an alerting homeowner to outside movement. Outdoor lighting can also make the property feel safer for the owner when coming home in the dark.


The home security features prospective buyers look for are not complex or expensive features such as CCTV systems or mobile monitoring. A potential buyer wants to be able to instantly feel safe in the property they are going to buy, so having these features preinstalled makes it easier for people to see themselves in it.

The security features prospective buyers look for are not uncommon and may already be in place in your home.


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