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Top 10 tips for packing up your home

tips for packing up your home

Top 10 tips for packing up your home

Unfortunately buying and selling your home isn’t a stress-free process, but one part that should be more exciting is moving. Getting your belongings from your old house to your new property safely is a top priority, but it can also be daunting if you haven’t planned correctly.


Moving is the final step of the process and with the right logistics, it can be smooth and hassle-free. One important tip is to think ahead and de-clutter before you start your move. There is no point moving belongings you no longer want to a new house. Start from the top of the house and work down, don’t forget attics, garages and sheds and try to be as ruthless as you can. If you haven’t used or worn the item in over a year, do you really need it?


It doesn’t matter if it is an item of extreme sentimental value or your kitchen crockery set, everything you are moving should be packed safely and securely to avoid breakages. To avoid this it is important to be prepared. Items such as labels, boxes, acid free paper and breathable bubble wrap are all really important to ensure that everything makes it to your new home in one piece.


Here are our top 10 tips for packing up your home successfully:


1. Before packing write a shopping list of everything you will need; Thick cardboard, strong cardboard boxes in various sizes, heavy duty packing tape, sellotape, bubble wrap, specialist breathable bubble wrap, tissue paper, scissors, fragile stickers, marker pen. Having these essentials on hand really make the move easier.

2. Start with rooms you least need. Pack the items you don’t use on a daily basis first. Seasonal items you’re currently not using such as garden tools, coats and Christmas lights are perfect examples.

3. Add padding to the bottom of boxes to form cushioning, use scrunched up plain paper or bubble wrap. This is really important with delicate items.

tips for packing up your home

4. It may seem obvious but remember to put the heaviest items at the bottom of the box so other lighter items are not squashed.

5. Using a tape gun, reinforce the bottom of cardboard boxes to ensure that they can withstand the weight of the items you are placing inside of them.

6. Wrap everything loosely and separately in plain acid free paper to ensure all items are adequately protected as newspaper print can transfer onto items.

7. Pack an ‘essentials’ box for the first night in your new home and carry it with you. Instant access to coffee, tea, snacks, cups and a kettle may be welcome soon after you arrive. As will plates, utensils and a kitchen cloth.

8. Prepare an overnight bag for everyone in the family, with a clean change of clothes, pyjamas and make sure that there is enough toilet paper and toiletries for everyone.

9. Pack one room at a time, clearly labeling each box with details of its contents and the room to which it belongs. Keep all boxes for each room together. This will save time unpacking.

10. For large items such as duvets, blankets and pillows, it is worthwhile investing in vacuum pack bags. Items can decrease to ¼ of the size and make moving bulkier items easy and leaving plenty of room for all of your other possessions.

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