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The Personal Touch from A Leicester Estate Agent

The Personal Touch from A Leicester Estate Agent

When you’re looking for an estate agent, it can be difficult to decide on the right one for you. We have all heard the stories of manipulative estate agents, those who don’t want the best for their clients and those who generally don’t understand the profession. It’s a well-known fact that the only qualification you need to become an estate agent is the ability to talk so you have to be careful who you work with.

Despite some estate agents being adept, they often lack what we at Open House Leicester call the ‘personal touch’. This means getting to know the properties properly, becoming acquainted with the tenants and future tenants as more than simply a buyer or seller. It also means that we care, we aren’t just here to sell your property or help you buy one, we’re here to support you with anything that you need regarding the property in question.

Unlike large estate agency chains, who couldn’t care less about you as an individual, Open House Leicester offer you a personal experience from the beginning right up until the end. We always seek what’s best for you, not the quickest way to pocket some money. Despite this, we appreciate that most of our buyers and sellers want to either buy or sell property fast so we seek to do this whilst maintaining our level of supportiveness. We make sure that you have the best deal possible for YOU, not for us, unlike other estate agents who can often be more in it for themselves.

Another advantage to our Leicester estate agency is that we know the surrounding area, unlike large chains and purely online estate agents. Whilst online estate agents can be made to seem amazing on TV adverts, it isn’t as simple as it seems. They have barely any support for you and more often than not have no idea about the local area. With Open House, you can rest assured than we can apply our local knowledge to your situation whilst not costing an arm and a leg.

At this point, if you’re interested, we have a few things to tell you which may impress and intrigue you enough to work with us:

Dedicated Personal Agent: You don’t have to sit on the phone for hours on end to a faceless call centre, dreading your decision to either buy or sell. Nobody wants that which is why we go the extra step to enhance your experience. We assign a Personal Agent to you as your point of contact so that you always know somebody is only a text, email or phone call away. This person will support you as well as making sure you get the best possible outcome from this experience.

Accompanied viewings to help sell: When selling your house with an estate agent, it can be a pain when you have to present the property alone, despite the fact you’re paying to make sure you have a good experience. Especially with online estate agents, it can be a nightmare when it comes down to allowing people to view your home. With Open House Leicester, you get a Leicester estate agent who not only knows the area but will be happy to accompany you to viewings and advise you how best to proceed in any given situation that may arise.

Knowledge of the Leicester housing market: As vaguely mentioned in the previous point, this is highly important. When selling or buying a house, you want to make sure that you have somebody with local experience, not just somebody who knows nothing of the local area. With Open House Leicester, you get a Leicester estate agent with plenty of local experience, a wide range of knowledge when it comes to the housing market locally and an expert who understands how to market your property locally.




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