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Pet Peeves for Leicester Landlords With Hairy Guests

Pet Peeves for Leicester Landlords with Hairy Guests
Pet Peeves for Leicester Landlords with Hairy Guests

As a landlord, it’s common to feel like your always the bad guy, the bearer of bad news, the ones people love to hate. However, the relationship between you and your tenant doesn’t have to be difficult, and it certainly shouldn’t have to start that way. 

With young people finding it increasingly more difficult to get on the property ladder, it’s now more likely for them to be renting a home for much longer before owning one. How are you going to make sure their rented home feels as much like their ‘forever home’ right now?

If your thinking of letting your property in Leicester, I’m sure you’re aware of how competitive the market is. What does excellent service mean to your consumer today? Is it regular communication? Transparency? Quick to fix it? 

How about pets? Pet-friendly properties are becoming increasingly more popular and landlords are having to become more open to letting their tenants have pets.  While some landlords are more than pleased to offer this to their tenants, we think there are some things you should be aware of. 

Open House have put together some of Leicester landlords pet peeves when it comes to tenants having pets:

  • To start, the clue is in the title…hair. Some tenants aren’t as lucky as others. Some pray for the short-haired animals that require minimal grooming, but some don’t get that lucky. A moulting animal is never appealing, and neither is the hours potentially spent on removing pet hair for the carpet.
  • Is there anything worse than a lingering smell? This can be a huge issue for landlords that are looking to relet their property to a new tenant. It’s a risk you take when allowing pets – they can leave bad smelling odours in the house that can be difficult to ever fully mask.
  • Again, your house started in perfect condition, with everything spotless and new. Now the brand new furniture you bought has been scratched and damaged for the fun of a furry creature. This isn’t convenient for you or the new client your trying to get buy-in from. 
  • Sometimes a complaint from a neighbour can be just as bad as a complaint from your tenant. No one wants to be woken up in the middle of the night by a barking dog, make sure your tenant knows how to control their pet. 

These are just a few pet peeves, however, we feel it’s important to not overwhelm you on the negatives because, in reality, the demand for landlords to allow tenants to have pets is soaring. 

Now you know the negatives, take a look at some of the positives:

  • Tenants may stay in your property for longer: Once a tenant has found somewhere there pet is allowed to stay, the less likely they are to look elsewhere. 
  • Your rental return could increase: Some tenants will be so desperate for you to allow them to have their pet they will be willing to increase their rent cost. 
  • Happier tenants: Happy tenants make happy landlords. It’s proven that animals help in reducing stress and make tenants feel more at home. 
  • More responsible: Believe it or not, pet owners can be more responsible and take better ownership of your property. 

Has your perception of pet-friendly properties changed? Here at Open House, we are fully committed to supporting you and your journey as a landlord, no matter what the tenant. 

If you choose to advertise your rental property with Open House, we can ensure a quicker transaction than average. With our large network of rental platforms, 5-star service and expert agents, we can help you advertise your rental property to thousands of potential tenants.

We are also happy to offer you an initial cleaning service to ensure your house is at the best standard possible for your new tenants. This can be arranged at an additional cost with our advice and recommendations. 

Simply get in touch with us here at Open House to see how we can help you with your Leicester lettings. With years of experience in the letting industry and knowledge on the Leicester market, we can help you successfully advertise your property.

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