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8 Reasons Open House Are The Best Estate Agents in Leicester

There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect estate agent. Buying, renting, or even selling your house is a large step for everyone in life and a good estate agent can support you in what can be a busy and overwhelming process. 

Here are 8 reasons why we believe Open House Estate Agents are the best in Leicester:

1. 5-star rated

Here at Open House Estate Agent Leicester, we go above and beyond to offer you the best quality service in Leicester. We are a recommended local estate agent, with over 50 five-star Google reviews.

No matter where you’re currently sat on the property ladder, we will help you find and secure the perfect property for you. Whether you’re looking for your first buy to let house or a property portfolio owner looking to expand. Unlike other estate agents, we pride ourselves in being able to to help all your needs in a reliable and timely manner. You are guaranteed to receive a friendly, personalised and professional service. 

Our professional experience doesn’t stop there, we work with you to give you the advice you need and appointments to suit you. Appointments can also be taken on weekdays and evenings, to make sure that everyone can find a time suitable for them.

Check them out for yourself here!

2. Personal service

Here at Open House, we understand the importance of having an online presence. That’s why you’ll be pleased to know that when 93% of home buyers and tenants go online that Open House Estate Agents, Leicester advertise our properties across the main property portals including Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location. This maximises your chances of finding the right buyer or tenant quickly.

However we feel in today’s digital age, most relationships with clients are developed through a computer screen with very little personal interaction or customer service. Doing everything online is often perceived to be cheaper, easier and generally just more convenient, however to us this isn’t entirely true.

You could say that we are traditional in respects that we always strive to create personal and meaningful relationships with our clients. Generally, if you’re using an online agent your questions and queries will be passed from person to person, meaning you have to go over the same tedious questions every time you pick up the phone. 

At Open House, each client is appointed a representative who is their sole point of contact that they can deal with right from the valuation of a property to the completion of a sale. This means you can have someone every step of the way who can learn and understand your specific requirements, making for a quicker and more seamless process.

We are extremely understanding of everyone’s busy lifestyles, and therefore vendors are issued with the personal mobile phone number of their agent and can speak to them at evenings and weekends, unlike any other agent. This gives you the chance to get on with your day without worrying about missing important phone calls or not being able to make a viewing on your lunch break.

3. Local market experience

Leicester is a multicultural city in the heart of the East Midland with fabulous transport links across the United Kingdom, an easy train journey to London only taking an hour. the city is also well connected, with easy access to multiple motorways. The population has boomed in Leicester in recent years – making it an enticing and thriving place for property investment as well as becoming a Leicester homeowner.

We believe that what differentiates us from other estate agents, is our wealth of knowledge of the Leicestershire area. We have a great track record on securing sales at viewings as a result of our knowledge of properties. Our team of experts can guarantee to offer you an accurate and realistic valuation for your house that will help you to sell it quicker than average.

With our accompanied viewing service, your agent will carry out a viewing with you and give you a chance to ask questions about the property or anything about the area that you think is worth knowing before you big decision. We are confident that the team can provide you with all the information you need and leave you walking away from your viewing with confidence. 

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4. 15 Years Local Experience

With 15 years of experience in the market, we have seen the property industry rise and fall over the years. We feel our knowledge and experience of this only benefits our customers more and we are confident that there is no question we can’t answer. We have built a loyal clientele, who have given us amazing feedback over the last 15 years that continues to spur us on each day.

“I sold my property with Open House and was very impressed with the service received. I felt that the approach to selling was sensible and realistic. It achieved the results that I wanted.”

“I recommend renting through open house it helped us get our first place and start our lives together. Thank you for everything Rahul the communication and service you have provided.”

At Open House we strive to help all our clients however big or small. We offer a full range of property services in Leicester to help with the sale or let of your house, to help home buyers and to support landlords and property investors. From services that are legal requirements to those that will certainly help you to sell or let a property more quickly to the right person, we can provide the services you need either directly or through a network of trusted associates. 

5. Transparency 

One of your Unique Selling Points at Open House is a no no-nonsense investor network for quicker than average sales where required. We don’t make promises that we can’t deliver on and will always be open and honest with you throughout the entirety of the process. 

We aim to build a strong rapport with all our clients and value each client the same, no matter how we work together. Whether you choose to pop by the office some initial advice or we support you in buying your dream property, we want you to feel comfortable and trust us throughout your journey.

To compliment this, we offer a 24/7 buyer helpline so that wherever or whenever a query pops up, we are just a phone call away from helping you.

6. Experienced in both sales and rentals

The property market is a competitive one at that. All estate agents today have a broad service offering, that includes experience in both sales and rentals. 

However, what makes us unique is our client retention. We have built strong relationships with our clients that has allowed us to guide many of our clients from renting to becoming confident first-time buyers. 

We also have great experience in quick house sales that make us very attractive to those who find themselves in this situation. Our ethical approach means that you will receive a fair price balanced with a quick sale. You will not find yourself landed with unexpected fees and we will deal honestly with you from start to finish without exploiting your circumstances.

7. Reliable house valuation 

Any estate agency can offer you a free valuation, but how accurate are they? If you’re looking into to selling your property and haven’t had heard of a property valuation, then this could be the next step for you. 

A property valuation is where an inspection is carried out to help determine the value of your house. Many factors are considered to help determine this, for example, the recent sales in the area, the general appeal and attractiveness, wear and tear etc. At Open House, to make sure you are getting a realistic view of your property, this will be carried out by an experienced valuer who isn’t just looking for your business. 

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8. More than just a letting agency

Here at Open House, we offer a high level of service in everything we do. Not only do we offer services to help you rent, buy or sell your property but can provide support outside this too.

If your looking to sell your home, dealing with solicitors is an integral part of the process and should be a seamless one at that. We understand the importance to keep everyone involved and clearly updated at all times. At Open House, we work very closely with a handful of local conveyancing solicitors and can also work with your solicitor if preferred.

We feel that this, as well as many of the points we have already touched upon, help to differentiate us from other letting agents and give us the competitive edge. 

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Whatever the next move is for you, Open House are here to help. We are a leading Leicester estate agents and provide you with reliable, honest advice

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