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Top 10 Streets in Leicester For First Time Buyers

Are you a first-time buyer looking to buy property in the Leicestershire area? Our expert estate agents have a wealth of experience in letting, renting and selling property in locations all over the country.

Purchasing your first home can be an intimidating prospect for some, however, Open House Leicester Estate Agents aim to work with you to ensure that it is an exciting and enjoyable experience as it should be. We conduct thorough Leicester property evaluations and market research to ensure that we are covering all basis for homes within the region. 

Keep reading to find out more information regarding the top 10 streets in Leicester for first-time buyers and discover which one is best for you.

1. Ling Road, Loughborough, LE11 2LW

With an average house price of £146,185, our Leicester property valuation experts believe Ling Road is an affordable option and attractive opportunity for first time buyers.

The vibrant student town of Loughborough will always have something going on with its wide array of pubs, restaurants and shops. Nature lovers will also be in for a treat, as you will live closeby to the likes of Swithland Reservoir and Beacon Hill Country Road. 

2. Cheshire Drive, Wigston, LE18 4WA:

This area is great for young buyers who want a good community feel, it has numerous restaurants and pubs with one only 200 metres away.

There is also a majority of younger occupants within this area as ¾ of the people living in LE18 4WA are between 25 to 34 years old so first time buyers will definitely fit in

3.  Station Street, Loughborough, LE11 5EE

This street is not only great for buyers looking to move but is also perfect for prospective landlords as ¾ of the residents are rented on Station Street. Another interesting fact is there have only been 99 crimes reported within a mile of LE11 5EE in the last year. 

You will also not be alone as first-time buyers in this area as over half of the population of this street are in the 20-24 age bracket. You will also be within walking distance of the vibrant town centre and a nearby Sainsburys supermarket.

 4. Watling Street, Mountsorrel, LE12 7BD

The majority of houses within this quaint village area are detached and terraced. It is a great option for those who rely on public transport as it is only 1.3 miles from the nearest railway station.

Only 29 Crimes have been reported in the last year on Watling Street, making it a great option for those looking for a safe first environment to buy Leicestershire property in. 

5. Finch Road, Kibworth Harcourt, LE8 OWE

Any young families or couples wish aspirations of having children would be making a great choice in moving to the quaint village of Kibworth Harcourt.

This area has an excellent 5* Ofsted rated school on its doorstep, only 610 yards away. The majority of people living in Finch Road are also likely parents being within the age bracket of 30-44 years old. 

6. Bosworth Way, Leicester Way, Leicester Forest East, LE3 SQQ

Those with their heart set on a spacious first house should consider Bosworth Way, as 152 out of 162 are detached. The nearest doctors are also only 380 yards away.

Leicester Forest East is a particularly popular location among young families. A new £4m school, Fossebrook Primary School, opened for its first intake in September 2016.  The Parish Hall recently began hosting Clubszone, a local children’s activity provider which runs during the school holidays. They also host a community cinema which is available on the first Thursday evening at 7.30 of every month.

7. Sycamore Close, Oadby, LE2 2RN

This is a delightful option for first-time buyers who want an affordable detached house in the Leicestershire area. 71 out of 79 houses on Sycamore Close are detached and the remaining 8 are also semi-detached. 

Oadby is also a great choice for those who wish to be within touching distance of Leicester, situated merely three miles south-east of the city centre.

8. Avenue Road, Sileby, LE12 7PG

Avenue Road is a great location for first-time buyers looking to invest in property, with many semi-detached houses on the market for the price bracket £150,000.

Sileby brings with it the quaint lifestyle of village life whilst still being a short drive from the city centre, situated in between Loughborough and Leicester. Sileby also has a remarkable number of shops and services for a village, offering many schools, restaurants, pubs, gyms and more for its occupants. 

9. Leicester Road, Mountsorrel, LE12 7DE

Another street from Mountsorrel makes our list of properties locations for first-time buyers, simply as this village is an equally affordable and delightful area to live. This is a great choice for those who enjoy peace and quiet, with there only being a population of 282 people within this postcode

There are many shops, restaurants and services within walking distance on the high street. The local doctors are also only 450 yards away. You will also have a Michelin Starred fine dining restaurant on your doorstep with John’s House.

10. Barrow Road, Quorn, LE12 8DH

Quorn is a well-sort after area to live for first time buyers and frequent property buyers alike. This is because the village is regarded as one of the best places to live in the whole of Leicestershire. 

Quorn prides itself on a commitment to an inclusive, eco-friendly and vibrant environment for all of its residents. This also makes it a great letting opportunity for landlords interested in renting out property in the future.

Ultimately, Barrow Road is an affordable street within a charming location. Our Leicester property valuation experts have also discovered that property prices on this street have risen by as much as 200% in the last 15 years. Dependant on your budget, this could prove to be a great investment for first-time buyers in the years to come. 

Getting Off to the Right Start With Open House 

Open House aims to take all of the stress out of the buying experience for first-time buyers by providing a personal dedicated service. Through buying a property with us, you will be given all the best information and Leicester property evaluations to ultimately discover the home of your dreams. 

Our expert team of estate agents have years of experience and knowledge within the Leicestershire area. For more information on how we can help you, get in touch with one of our friendly team today.

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