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Why is my house not selling?

Why is my house not selling??

Why is my house not selling?

Why is my house not selling is one of the most commonly asked questions estate agents face when properties have been on the market for numerous of months. The property sector is hardly ever straightforward no matter how much experience you have and there is definitely not a straight forward fix.

One of the key ways to understand what is potentially holding back your property is by breaking everything down and taking a step back. In order to sell your home it isn’t necessarily about dropping the price of your property; it’s about maximising the key benefits.


Here are 4 top tips that can easily answer the question of why is my house not selling:

1. Photographs

Poor quality photographs can instantly put people off viewing a property. Bad lighting is often a big culprit when it comes to putting people off your property. Typically, people want to see light and bright spaces. Plus, the more light a room gets the larger it appears, especially in a picture! Make sure that curtains are fully pulled back, lights are on and your home is tidy.
Nowadays almost everyone starts their search for a new property online, and with so much choice you need to present as much information as possible to make an informed decision.

2. Choose the right marketing approach

Knowing how to market your property is a necessity. In today’s fast paced online world, the internet is often the best place to market your property. There are lots of highly successful property websites in which homes are listed, from Zoopla to Rightmove. In a lot of cases, this can often be a great place to have your home listed as a lot of people browse these sites for inspiration.
The golden rule is to know what media outlet is best suited for your property. From local newspaper entries to private listings, there’s an array to choose from.

3. Declutter but don’t depersonalise

Don’t take it personally, but no one likes your pet accessories, over-filled wardrobes, movie collections, and clutter, except you. Simplify and neutralize your home as if it were a model home, because that’s exactly what it is while it’s on the market. You don’t need to take all of your photographs down, but just become cautious with how much personality you are adding. When putting your house on the market, you need to make sure that your home is in the best possible condition for other people to view it.

4. Make use of your extra space

You may have used that spare bedroom as a dumping ground for all of your work equipment, but you need to make sure that you define the room’s initial purpose. Whether it’s an office, guest bedroom or children’s playroom, you need to make sure that it is appropriately furnished.
Also make sure that you show how to use any awkward spaces. Turn the little cubby hole under the stairs into an office space or put a storage unit in the unused corner of the dining room. You need to give the illusion that the house goes above and beyond all of the buyer’s needs.


If you would like to discuss your property sale and understand what is stopping it selling, please feel free to contact Open House Leicester on 0116 2437938 or

Top tips to sell your property

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